Ways the NSA Uses in their Surveillance Practice

In accordance with the recent article published in the Spiegel the NSA has got a great number of ways that it uses for spying. Its ANT division is equipped with a great number of tactics and some of them have very strange and even funny names. However, this does not interfere with them being highly effective.

As a matter of fact, there are more than several dozens of such techniques and here are just several of them.

This hardware is a tricky one and is manufactured by Hewlett-Packard. It stays alive put even after the spyware is removed.

This spyware has a very eloquent name and it is able to track the objects in your house, in the rooms and etc. It makes possible to track what’s happening on any computer screen in the house.

This program is able to log the keystrokes even in the offline status and as far as the street across, isn’t it impressive? This spying soft is closely related to the aforementioned “angryneighbor” and it does not presuppose any downloads as it works on radio frequency.

This one serves as a beacon that helps to locate the necessary units. It is a part of RAGEMASTER and its cost is just $30 but it works perfectly and it is able to intercept video.

In fact, the agency does not have any need in going into contact with any of the cell phone companies as they have this tracking software – candigram. This one is very interesting as it is able to imitate the GSM cell tower and make the observations without any need for direct interference.

The agency is able to attack any computer that works on Windows OS within the distance of 8 miles. It can be done via an 802.11 wireless exploit and it is usually used when there is no option for wired access.

IRATEMONK activity is based on either remote access or interdiction. It is usually installed on a target’s computer and can be accessed every time whenever the PC starts.

Surely, these are just the simplest ones of the NSA’s cell phone spying techniques and tactics and in some ways it is even better not to know about the rest of the surveillance options.