US Spying and this Time – Israeli

israeli spying NSAThis time the revelations of Edward Snowden brought attention to Israeli. The latter demanded to put a stop to spying from the side of the U.S. as the leaked documents appeared to have information about calls and email interception.

With Israeli and the U.S. being alleys the aforementioned documents can bring much of the unnecessary tension to the relationships between the countries. The Israeli side has already reacted negatively and ever angrily to the fact that they have been spied on and it also brought to live the issue of Jonathan Pollard release. The latter, being a former American intelligence analyst, was convicted for the spying activity on behalf of Israel and has already served about 30 years of his term.

In accordance with Yuval Steinitz, the Israeli Intelligence Minister, present actions of the U.S. are neither legitimate nor decent and he also proposed to form and mutual agreement concerning espionage.

The recent documents that leaked contain the information about the spying on emails of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as well as Defense Minister Ehud Barak. There is no information whether spying on cell phones took place but one thing is for sure and it is that the NSA and GCHQ (British intelligence agency) took steps to target the emails of aforementioned politic figures.

At the present moment the Israeli is under the impression that they are still being closely monitored and are taking measures to secure their communications. However, the official reaction to the revelations is not to the favor of the U.S. and definitely not the one to warm up the relationships between the countries.

Taking into consideration the old scandal around Pollard, the topic of espionage is something that won’t ever be something easy to mention between Israel and the U.S. As it has been said, Pollard has already spent 30 years in prison and Israeli hasn’t used any means to spy on the U.S. since that time they definitely are not eager to tolerate an opposite approach.

At the present moment the Prime Minister of Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu stresses that they are going to apply for the release of Pollard further on and that this fact is not connected with the