The Ongoing Battle for Privacy and is it Really Worth it

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

In the world we live in, spying is everywhere. You’re observed wherever you go, be it at the grocery store, at work, and even online. Stores use cameras to make sure customers don’t steal; bosses may choose to monitor their employees’ activity to catch those that are slacking off; your significant other may be using software to track your digital footprints. Chances are, even you have been tempted to try to find out what someone else is up to online.

Be the Spy

Now that you know that you can’t completely avoid having privacy compromised, you may decide that you want to take advantage of spying. There are many reasons for doing so.

Many parents believe that monitoring their children’s activity online is beneficial for both parties. Although digital monitoring infringes on one’s privacy, safety is all that matters to some.

If you own your company, you may want to invest in some spy software to indirectly keep an eye on your employees. This way you’ll be the first to know if someone isn’t working to the best of their abilities or if confidential information has been shared.

Or the case may be that you’re just an over jealous lover and need to keep an eye on your significant other 24/7. Spy software works for these situations as well.

Spy software is there for you, regardless of why you decide to make use of it.  It allows the spy to have access to practically everything on their victim’s mobile device. And, best of all, the victim will have no clue that they’re being spied on.

Don’t let Yourself be the Victim

However, there is also the other side of spying: being a victim. And of course no one would feel good knowing that they’ve been victimized. Now that you know how easily accessible spy software, it is a good time to take a moment and think about your privacy. Chances are, you won’t notice that you’re being spied on unless someone tells you, which no good spy will ever do.This is why it’s crucial to protect yourself before anyone decides to invade your privacy without your consent.

  • You can make use of Tails OS to guarantee yourself total privacy and anonymity online. This software is used from a flash drive and randomly generates a computer ID each time it’s used. Once you’re done for the time being, the software will delete all traces of itself on the computer. It’s as if you had a brand new computer every time you browsed the net.
  • You read that mobile tracking software is completely undetectable, right? Well, there is the SUPERAntiSpyware that turns these claims into a lie. SUPERAntiSpyware regularly scans and updates your device and if there is any software that is trying to get access to your private information, you’ll be the first to know. The antispyware software will also let you know if there already is some kind of spyware lurking on your device.
  • So, now you know how to protect your device and browse the web without being tracked, but what about your files? Especially those you don’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone. Cyberscrub Privacy Suite is there to help you. This software will allow you to delete those super personal files once and for all, in addition to clearing browsing history and creating disk space on your device. The program is simple to use and also provides encryption services. In fact, this software is so effective that even Federal agencies rely on it for encryption and to protect sensitive data.

What is Privacy Online?

Well, now that you know what options you have when it comes to protecting your privacy, you may be wondering why you should bother. You aren’t doing anything wrong, so why do you need to protect yourself and be anonymous? I’m just a random internet user, why would someone even bother spying on me, the majority of users ask themselves. In the physical world, you’re just a random human, so why don’t you change your clothes in front of random strangers? Privacy comes naturally when going about our day-to-day tasks.

On the internet, however, it is harder to understand just exactly privacy is. It has little to do with using the web without anyone around. Privacy is more about how private your private data and information stays once you input it online. It is also about not having your online activity monitored by some online source.

Why Protect Your Privacy

We’ve probably all heard that once you publish something online, it stays there forever. This isn’t much of a problem if the wrong people don’t have access to the information or files you post online.

However, in the world of privacy infringement we live in, your information can be easily accessed by hackers and then used for illegal activities, which include stealing and potentially even selling your private information and identity. Criminals can get access to information you never ‘officially’ share with anyone, such as your credit card number and your computer’s IP address. If your privacy online is compromised, you have no control over who gets access to your information and what they’ll do with it.

To protect yourself from unpleasant consequences of privacy infringement, you should be careful about what you share online and make use of anti spyware software whenever possible.