TeenSafe represents a very narrowly directed mobile tracking application with a very distinct audience – this product is specifically developed for parents who want to make sure their kids are safe and sound. It has got a basic number of features that allow having a look at a kid's pastime as well as their contacts.
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Reporting and Logging:

  • Get access to all sent, received as well as deleted texts and iMessages.
  • Get access to all call logs of incoming and outgoing with the entire call information included.
  • GPS location on a map and a history of the phone’s location to make sure your kid is ok.
  • Have a look at your kid’s Instagram.
  • Instant messages such as WhatsApp and Kik Messenger.
  • Access to address book.
  • Access to browser history.
  • Some features are available only for iPhone users, however.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

TeenSafe provides GPS tracking feature as well as an option to have a look at your kids’ history of the phone’s locations. Everything to keep parents calm and assured that their kids are where they are supposed to be.

Blocking capability:

Unfortunately, there are no parental control options and any feature that would allow blocking undesired websites or applications.


There are several support options offered by TeenSafe. First of all, it is phone support; that is, however, available only from Monday to Friday from 6am to 7pm as well as from Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 6pm (Pacific Time). There are also email and contact form options. No LiveChat available.

Price/Quality Correlation:

TeenSafe offers 7-days free trial and then the cost will be $14.95/month. There is also TeenSafe Control app (for iOS) – it provides a remote control option for $9.95/month. Cancellation can be done at any moment.

Positive Features

  • It offers all the required options for kids monitoring.
  • One can have several kids tracked at the cost of one subscription.
  • There is no need to jailbreak an iPhone or root an Android to install TeenSafe.

Negative Features:

  • No images or videos send via text from the smartphone can be seen, just the information about sender and receiver.
  • No LiveChat and no 24/7 support

Cell Phones Supported:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad

TeenSafe is an official Member Benefit Provider of the National Parent Teacher Association.



It is a rather good as well as inexpensive mobile spy software for parents that, although, lacks some features, still is able to cover most parent’s needs quite efficiently. It is a pretty reliable application with all the features that matter when it comes to kids’ safety and no extra nonsense included. Quite liked by many parents.

Visit TeenSafe: https://www.teensafe.com/

30 TeenSafe User Reviews

  1. User Rating:

    I really like the fact that I can see all text messages…even the deleted ones. Kids today are really smart and will try to get rid of those texts. I check them out not because I don’t trust my daughter but because I don’t trust other kids (specially boys) that can wan to trick her into something. It’s not expensive and I can sleep better.

    Drew Talbot
  2. User Rating:

    Unfortunately the App uses allot of data, noticeably slowing and upsetting the child’s phone’s functionality and runs the battery down quicker. Otherwise it does all that it says it does and installing and pairing it is not a complicated drama.

  3. User Rating:

    I think it’s a horrible way to spy on your child and lose their trust. I don’t understand all the good reviews on something that is so invasive. What a way to completely make your child hate you and avoid your interactions in their lives. How about just being involved in their lives and making sure you regularly talk to them and make that line of communication between you and your teen a clear one. Being a parent isn’t about giving your child a cell phone and letting that be the babysitter while you live your lives.

    Also, lets address the very large elephant in the room…this is an app can only ignite suspicion. Again, no trust = issues. Discuss them. If something is going on, then why would you want to know every little detail (I have been there and wouldn’t have wanted to know everything) that happened. It causes more hurt and won’t make the fact get any better or go away.

    I think this app is immorally disgusting and allows people to be sneaky…not cool. And someone is making money off it.

    1. User Rating:

      I completely understand your point of view and have struggled with the same thinking for sometime. However, I would like to give you a different perspective. I downloaded this app with only the intentions of her safety. What I found out was horrifying. Not only was she sending inappropriate texts (group messaging) but I also found out she was getting into hard core drugs and taking them at parties. She is a 17 year old beautiful girl, who you would not expect this from. I was completely blindsided.
      I’m am telling you this because I downloaded this app sitting alongside her in the hospital bed after paramedics revived her. I trusted her and preached that she should have her privacy just like you. I was afraid she would hate me, just like you.
      My daughter recovered but may suffer long term from her bad decisions. Now she is monitored. I wish I would have done it sooner. I don’t care if she hates me now or not. The only thing I care about is that she stays alive.

      1. User Rating:

        One more thing, I did talk to my daughter…about everything, everyday. We were what I considered very close. That didn’t work.

    2. User Rating:

      @MomOf3, I assume you are not commenting at all about how well it works; you just don’t like the idea. That’s fine, but it’s not really helpful here. Everyone has opinions. Mine is that you must have perfect kids you don’t ever have to worry about at all. Parenting is not about having the kids like or trust you; it’s about keeping them safe. Phones provide more access to trouble in a few hours than we could get into in weeks back before they existed.

      It’s also not sneaky. My kids have known whenever I used similar software in the past. Now that a few are out of the house (and I don’t monitor because they are adults), they admit that the only thing they did not like it was precisely why I wanted it. They also admit that after they got used to it, it helped them in many ways. Other kids knew I monitored and left my kids out of discussions that were not good ones. They didn’t like it at the time. They love that I did it now.

      The simple fact is kids are kids. There is a reason they live with us until they are at least 18. They aren’t equipped to make all their own decisions. Phones give them a ton of decisions to make. Even knowing I *can* read everything (I don’t, by the way) makes them think and respond a lot differently. The best thing it does is make them think before they respond/act. It’s similar to Facebook. My kids must have me as a friend. Why? Because I don’t want them putting things on social media that will come back to haunt them. Today some stupid stuff out there can keep them out of a college they want to attend. It can impact a job they want to get. Nothing is really private anymore. At the very least I can take the time and spend the effort guiding my kids through those waters as they grow up.

      I agree on the other thing. That’s not the program’s fault though. There is a fundamental difference between my obligation to my kids and my obligation to my partner. You should trust your partner, and if you can’t you need to get it figured out or move on. You should not trust your kids. Well, maybe it’s better said like Reagan did about the Soviets – trust but verify.

      Careful Dad
    3. User Rating:

      I Agree with all these comments to you…here is mine.
      It seems you weren’t actually looking for an actual safe tracking option for minor children in a society that is very different than ever before with accessibility and connectivity. It seems you just wanted to judge and “parent” parents on what they should be doing with their children and not give an actual review on the product. All the talking and involvement with your child doesn’t stop the fact that predators and unsafe people are still out there. From checking locations of your child to who is trying to contact your child…keeping track of and protecting your child by having information via phone app, can help big time. Especially if you live in an urban city like NYC where your children are going to school across town. Perhaps they don’t need to call every time they get to school when you can look yourself. I’d rather be involved with the raising of my child and help guide them in the technology area and open talking points with them, rather than thinking that children always make the most responsible decisions. Because I can tell you at 10 and 11 years old, I had no idea and I didn’t have to deal with technology. You say it’s break of trust, I say it’s protection and our job to watch over our children. They are children, not adults. I had many talks ahead of time with my 11 year old about Internet safety. Well, 1 week later, a boy who she knew at another school started talking to her. Guess what? He wasn’t a friend from another school. He had all the information about the boy from the other school, but he was an adult and a registered offender. When discussed with my daughter, she trusted her “friend” and thought it was him. Yeah, people are crafty and professional with stalking children. A little active participation from parents can save our children’s lives, so watch how positive and strong you are on your limited experiences.

    4. User Rating:

      So glad your kids are always honest and up front with you and never do any wrong. I live in the real world where kids will still be kids and it is a different world than I grew up in. This is good parenting plain and simple. If your child considers it an invasion, what so they have to hide?

    5. User Rating:


      What world do you live in? It amazes me to read your post. You can believe you trust your child, however its peer pressure that causes them to do the things that in your mind you have taught them to be aware of. Who CARES if they hate you and avoid interactions with you (whats new!!! What teenager wants you around them anyway! I would rather have them mad at me (if they find out) than to have them make a huge life altering mistake.

      JUST SAYING!!!!!!!

    6. User Rating:

      You must still have kids under 7. There is some point no matter how much time I want to spend with my teenagers they don’t want to spend it with their parents. That is part of growing up and them learning independence. However, the societal influences are greater now than ever before and kids still do not make the right choices. I was 100% shocked at my son’s language and some of his conversations in his texts. It was NOT at all how he presents him self to adults, teachers, etc. at school. It allowed me to have conversations with him that I would not even know were necessary, if I had not taken his phone and read those texts.

    7. User Rating:

      Sorry we don’t have perfect children. Children lie, children push the limit! Wake up to reality. I have a wonderful relationship with my child doesn’t mean they won’t make pour choices

    8. User Rating:

      My son is 12 and had his phone taken away for 6 months when he got in trouble in school for drugs. I took it away (searched it) and happened to find an explosive amount of awful things. Heartbreaking things. I’m ready to give it back to him as not being in touch when he is away is as much a punishment for me as it is him. With today’s cell phones you can’t just block everything to child proof them, especially with an advanced, computer nerd child. However, he’s fully aware that I will be monitoring EVERYTHING this time. I’m looking for a way to make sure that he’s not still reaching out to the most inappropriate people and discussing the most disturbing of topics. This app is what I’m looking for. So keep your opinion of it’s use to yourself and review the actual functions. K- Thanks.

    9. User Rating:

      No, actually it is about protecting your children. Most of us parents work for a living and cannot compete with the other 8 hours of attention a smart phone has with our children. In addition to that – my kids did NOT have devices until they had drivers licenses and jobs. High school actually forces parents to get phones for ‘active’ kids because those idiots allow text communications to replace sports, event, and club sole communications – EVEN FOR school administrative communications – which would require a parent to get the message then call the school to send a message to their kids if they don’t have a phone: Then, of course the school complains about distraction after allowing them in class. So fuck you.

      Pardon me. In addition to that – the “transgender cult” is literally stalking young girls and women. So if you had an introverted, intelligent, possibly insecure young lady a phone one day…she will be approached in high school and/or junior college – accepted eagerly – “socially loved” – and soon convinced she needs to toss her failed gender and VERY possibly elevated to destroying her beautiful self with dangerous hormones and mutilation. THAT is not paranoia. THAT is just fact. …and that is just ONE real danger of a communication device so powerful, that most parents have absolutely no clue. Trust me…the simple studies showing NOW the negative effects and developmental dangers of smart phones…will seem like a common cold in a few years when you see the new studies. IN NOW WAY does any historical president support putting the ‘world’ of unfiltered communication, social exposure, and instant messages in the hands of teens.

      Only ‘good’ parents have the guts and sense to care enough to track their kids. …so fuck you.

    10. User Rating:

      I plan on telling my kids it is on their phone. It is an accountability thing. If they want my phone and my phone plan and live under my roof, then they will do so under my rules. This is a great way to ensure that they are respecting my rules and it keeps them safe. If my kid starts looking at something inappropriate, I will know and can talk to them before it is a problem. If they are bullying or being bullied, again I will know about it. I will babysit my kids because they ARE kids. It is good parenting to protect them. No kid is a complete angel, and if you are lucky enough to have a complete angel… They STILL need babysitting. Until your kids are adults, they are your responsibility. Love them by looking after them.

  4. User Rating:

    I think parental controls help a lot, they are easy and convenient. I recently also wanted to monitor my daughter’s text messages as various texting issues are becoming more and more common. I have tried FamilyTime, it is good for tracking and app blocking.

    Evan Waslati
  5. User Rating:

    We tried the free trial but it is extremely limited so we opted to pay the full price for the app the second day.

    Then we found out it won’t block any apps our daughter downloaded or show us her web history because her phone has an updated version of Android. They were unwilling to refund our payment even though we did not get the services they advertise for their app.

    If you have an ancient phone, this app might work for you, but if you are using a relatively new device, look elsewhere.

    Bob K
  6. User Rating:

    I have been a user of TeenSafe and after approx one year of usage I do not rate it very highly. It is inconsistent and somewhat unreliable in syncing data between children’s phone and TeenSafe web site. It does not monitor or protect against other nefarious apps that kids use today. The key messaging platform today being used by kids is SnapChat and TeenSafe is not capable of monitoring or reporting from this app. Texting is a very basic app that few teens use as there are many others intended to hide conversations.

    In the end, TeenSafe does work as advertised; albeit with some difficulties. However, it’s limited ability to monitor these other messaging platforms makes it practically unusable.

    Tommy Wald
  7. User Rating:

    This application has caused me so much stress. I can get it to sync despite doing everything by the letter in the instructions. I have gotten very short answers back from the help center not even asking what I’ve tried. I have backed up iCloud, I have signed into iTunes on her phone and I have waited 12-24 hours. Now- I’m done. Bring back good old fashioned parenting!

  8. User Rating:

    I find it frustrating that you can only “update” info (get recent information) every 6 hours.- That is just ridiculous, what if you want real-time information?
    Also if they have a lot of crap on their phone and haven’t been able to backup their phone, youonly get info related the the LAST time they backed up their phone.
    It is the end of Sept. — I got info from July!
    I would never pay for this.

  9. User Rating:

    Iam using spybunker.com best spy app try it , i used b4 thetrurhspy and teensafe but spybunker worked just gr8 for me

  10. User Rating:

    Good tool and simple to use. I did have some hiccups when installing but finally able to get it going. I think it delivers the service that we pay for and helps me at least keep a close eye on my daughter.

    Paula Andrew
  11. User Rating:

    I also use Teensafe to keep an eye on my son, he is 13 and uses a smart phone. I am not able to drop him off or pick him up from school, so this helps me know where he is at and who are his new friends. It helps me sleep at night better. I don’t think it’s very user friendly at the beginning, but customer service was helpful.

    Tara Weaver
  12. User Rating:

    I have my daughter who just turned 12 a new phone, and we talked about the fact that as her mom I have the obligation to keep her safe, so she understands that I am keeping an eye on where she goes when I can not be with her. It’s a good app, I thought it was a bit expensive at first but its nothing now compared to a good conscience.

    Justine Loving
  13. User Rating:

    We’re desperately searching for a reliable comprehensive monitoring app since our then sweet, cute as puddin’ pie 12 year old has already engaged in hangout conversations with some unknown male overseas (he was in LONDON supposedly and we lived in Texas at the time) and using more profanity than most soldiers with practically all her friends. We’ve confiscated the tablet but now at 13 she’s asked us to try again by finally allowing her to have a cell phone but having learned that with our backs turned, she would likely engage in behavior she had not the slightest clue had the potential to put not only her but others at risk, we’re taking a different tactic and putting this false notion of ‘trust’ behind a much more pressing concern for safety and security. A wise man once said trust but verify. We’re verifying first….
    I am hopeful that TeenSafe is the answer…

  14. User Rating:

    It’s an affordable and reliable tool. I like their GPS feature which allows me to track my child and know where she is at all times.

    Cathy L
  15. User Rating:

    Application has a lot of bugs and support solution is always to re install. Very bad.Switched to TheFamilyTime App since last year.


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