StealthGenie was a reliable mobile tracking application. However, at the present moment the application is not available for download due to the fact the the company is no longer active. The information on this page contains the description of the services provided in the past.

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!!! StealthGenie isn’t available any longer !!!

Reporting and Logging:

  • Among the features are the main ones that usually are present in such applications. You will be able to track and record calls, incoming and outgoing as well as see the whole logging history. The same refers to text messages and e-mails. StealthGenie also allows Gtalk or BBM tracking.
  • Everything in the address book as well as calendar can be accessed easily and all the incoming or outgoing media files will have access to. It also logs all the URLs and keeps the history of the websites visited.
  • It should be mentioned that StealthGenie allows bugging the phone. This means that you will be able to listen to surroundings in live mode or you can record and listen later.
  • SIM change notification is present and so is keyword and number alert.
  • StealthGenie also allows controlling the phone remotely. This means that you can wipe, lock and send commands from your control panel.
  • Listening to and recording surroundings

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

Location tracking is also enabled in StealthGenie. You will be able to see the whereabouts of your object as well as be notified when the safe area is left and restricted one entered. Geo fencing is a very powerful feature presented by Stealthgenie.

Blocking capability:

Blocking abilities are broad here but they are not complete as the application does not allow blocking websites and applications. There is no option to set any restrictions either.


StealthGenie offers 24/7 Customer Support as well as live chat so that it is easy to handle any problems.

Price/Quality Correlation:

In terms of price – Basis version starts from $8 a month $16 for a Platinum monthly subscription – it can be considered a good and reasonable option for the set of features offered.

Positive Features

  • This is a fairly good application with a broad set of features. The benefit and distinction is in the location tracking feature – entering a prohibited area will be immediately admitted and notification sent. It runs in stealth mode and there have been no complaints about this issue among the customers.

Negative Features:

  • No option for unwanted URLs blocking and application download.

Cell Phones Supported:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Blackberry


This application can be characterized as a reliable and reasonably priced. Even though it lacks some features, all the basic ones are present and it allows monitoring the phone movements as well as online and call activity very effectively.

12 StealthGenie User Reviews

  1. User Rating:

    It does not record call conversations on Android phones, they say there’s an issue doing that but they offer extending your license period for that. They will not refund you.

  2. User Rating:

    Want to use your services spying mobile.could you please provide more details information for prices and monitoring

  3. User Rating:

    I have just started using StealthGenie and so far so good. It’s been a fortnight since I decided to install it and I have just had time to use half of the options it offers. But the ones I tried worked well. One of the recommendations I can give to those who choose this spy software product is that your internet connection should always be on as if you disconnect, you won’t be able to get real-time updates. And for me it is essential. In all the other aspects I can recommend StealthGenie, just do not forget about the Internet connection and you’ll be fine.

    Jasper Moore
  4. User Rating:

    For me StealthGeneie is a really good and well-balanced appicaiton. I find it useful, really, and to the purpose. And it is easy enough to install. My favorite is the feature that allows WhatsApp tracking – and GPS as well, I can even say that the previous ones I tried do no stand a chance with it in comparison.

  5. User Rating:

    I can only say that I find StealthGenie a very balances app. It is easy to handle and has a set of brilliant control features and it hasn’t failed me, not once. My fave is WhatsApp tracking option, well, I do recommend it.

  6. User Rating:

    Not the best service. I was trying to get the response from the support team for a couple of days and it was urgent, I will use different app next time, I suppose.

  7. User Rating:

    Do not install this app under any circmstances. I had it on my 10 yr olds phone, after having some other monitoring apps on it, just to try it out. It worked ok for a few days then in last 5 days it used 15GIG of data at a cost of around $1000 in data charges. Spent two hours with some useless service guy named “Sam” who spent the whole time telling me it was “GPS” data, which he said updates every 15 minutes, while the app was transfering 95M of data every 15 to 20 minutes. Oh, and every time I asked to speak to a supervisor he was “out and not available”. STAY AWAY FROM THIS USELESS EXPENSIVE APP FOR ANDOID

  8. User Rating:

    Used the product for 3 months. Initially worked ok, but then as functions started failing it requires you reload the program on the targeted phone. That was difficult for me to do. So for the majority of time it did
    Not work properly. Also, they did not have MMS capability as of Dec 13, and it takes days to get tech support.

  9. User Rating:

    Poor support, always offline. Only worked once , 10th of March and not updating anymore. I feel very disappointed.

  10. User Rating:

    Worked well at first but then the record surroundings feature stopped working and the commands showed up in target phone’s message box :/ . When asking customer support for help about ANYTHING they are ALWAYS clueless to how to solve the problem and give you bogus ways to fix it (like take the battery out of the phone and put it back in).
    Call recording and recieving texts on the premium version are the only things that work properly with minor glitches. Its an ok program but I need to find another that has features that actually work.

  11. User Rating:

    Can i install on my phone and have my friends mobile on tracking. I mean with out installing on the target phone. Thanks


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