SpyEra offers call interception and recording among its other features. It also allows listening to a cell phone surroundings as well as access to BBM chats. It is compatible with all the major OSs and can be installed on more than one cell phone under one license. Decent price for the variety of useful features offered.

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Reporting and Logging:

  • The application offers a great variety of useful and comprehensive features.
  • There is an option for call logging and reporting as well as call interception.
  • It is possible to make a spy call and also make spy call recording.
  • There is live chat recording option.
  • There is access to all the media files.
  • Listening to surroundings option.
  • It allows SMS and text messages as well as e-mail reading and it also allows access to address book.
  • Spoof SMS sending option.
  • One of the most beneficial features is that it allows reading Blackberry Messenger – the feature that is not present in the majority of other applications of the same kind.
  • If offers access to Facebook Chat and Skype as well (and the majority of popular messengers: WhatsAPP, PIN, SKYPE, LINE, Viber, WeChat, Hangouts, Yahoo Messenger, Snapchat, KIK, Telegram, Tinder and iMessage, etc.)
  • There is SIM card charge alert.
  • Another benefit of this application is that no matter how many times a person you spy on changes a cell phone, it is possible to move the software from one to another as long as the license lasts.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

SpyEra also offers the option of GPS tracking location. In case GPS is not available it is possible to use the Cell ID tracking feature.

Blocking capability:

There are various remote control features.


To some extent SpyEra can be considered having limited support because of lacking Live Chat and forum. However, their support team tends to react pretty promptly – the response is given within 24 hours generally. They have got many articles on their website as well.

Price/Quality Correlation:

The application is available from the website starting from $189 for 3 month subscription. 6-month and yearly subscription options are also available.

Positive Features

  • The application works in a completely stealth mode.
  • It allows reading Blackberry Messenger (BBM) as well as Facebook chat.
  • It has got remote control feature.
  • It is easy to install and use. It takes about 4 minutes to install.

Negative Features:

  • When it comes to iPhones, it is necessary that they were jail broken; otherwise the installation will be impossible.

Cell Phones Supported:

  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Android
  • Symbian

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SpyEra mobile tracking application is a good choice of spy software. It is a bit pricey you take a yearly subscription; however, this is the price for quality, advanced feature set and good support.

Visit SpyEra: https://spyera.com/

38 SpyEra User Reviews

  1. User Rating:

    I tried several spy soft and Spyera is my favorite. Besides, it looks like the only version compatible with iOS 5 and it’s really a great thing. One thing that I don’t like is that it takes a lot of battery and it can become noticeable…

  2. User Rating:

    I am using spyera for a while. It is great software and stealth but spyera support is very slow. This is my ticket response time

    Ticket 26722# in 16 hours
    Ticket 26902# in 7 hours
    Ticket 27013# in 18 hours

    They developed very good software but they need provide very good support too.

    Melissa Dominic
  3. User Rating:

    For the period of time I have been using Spyera (and it’s about several months) I tried to reach the support several times. It appears not to be that easy. I have sent them e-mails and the answers took a week each. Do they have such an avalanche of customer letters so that they don’t have time figure them out and if so, why say that 24/7 support is available?! Besides, only after the purchase I learned that it does not work with iPhone 4s. I think that there should be better service for such price, really.

  4. User Rating:

    There is no one in their right mind who would actually try anything different. I have been using the soft for a period of time – not a single problem. And I like to “know”, you know, and not be kept in the darkness…

    1. User Rating:

      I’m trying another app and found the SUPERSU app in the application manager of the target phone which means the user of the target phone can uninstall SUPERSU thus rendering flexispy extreme useless. Is this the same issue with Spyera?

      1. User Rating:

        It is true there is no app invisible, if the phone is rooated just look superuser and uninstall it and the game is simple, there is no app totally invisible

  5. User Rating:

    It has its good and bad points, but for the price, I’d go with something else if you’re after blackberries. For starters, the location feature doesn’t give hourly updates as it is supposed to do. The call log wasn’t timely, and the sms, when it did work for about a day was fine; but after that day, I haven’t seen anything, much less hear a peep from Spyera support 4 days ago. While the Bugging controls work, the Live Call feature did not allow me to connect from the monitor to the target phone. I assume that my phone and the target phone have to be subscribed for the conference call feature with the telecommunications provider. The Live Call feature did send sms notifying me that a call was in place, but I found out that there was a delay of perhaps a minute when it did notify me. Regardless, I still wouldn’t have been able to listen in, so to speak. I was really disappointed with using the sms commands for excecuting immediate commands such as enabling and disabling spy calls. I found having to use the Spyera’s command format jargon ridiculous, and for blackberries, these commands would show up on the target phone. With MobiStealth, all I have to do is type a simple “everyday” word or words such as “hello” to activate and deactivate the spy calls on the target phone. One thing that Spyera did do fine was giving me a copy of the photos taken from the camera. But as I said, for the price of the available features Spyera offers, if you’re after Blackberries, you would get it for less with say, MobiStealth. I am not promoting MobiStealth, I am just comparing it as it is the only thing I found with nearly the same features without the Live Call. If you really want this product, get the three-month contract first. You’ll see what I mean about its features, and what the other people here are also saying about Spyera’s support.

  6. User Rating:

    This software does not work with most IM messaging APPS, for example Whatsapp, if the user updates Whatsapp for example (which is a very normal thing to be done and usually done automatically when connected to WIFI), Spyera needs minimum of 4 weeks before they support it which is usually too late because Whatsapp would have released the next update which is basically useless. Also, their support is terrible, you email them and they take forever to get back to you and with very generic answers as an auto Q/A response.

    Users have also reported that calls are dropped and/or no sound when calls are made because of the recording mode on calls.

    John Ronald
  7. User Rating:

    Tried it with out any success using the new Samsung S6. Firstly the GPS locator was at least 1500 klms out, their Facebook messenger is out of date was told it takes 2-4 weeks to up date, basically every function advertised did not work. Sent 2 emails for assistance it takes 4 days for a reply, tried ringing the number provided only got a recorded message. All in all I would not recommend them.

    1. User Rating:

      “Jailbreak Requires” – it looks like it needs jailbreak – and it’s up to you to decide whether it is worth it or not.

      N Z
  8. User Rating:

    I tried to buy this product and was told it would WITHOUT jail breaking the phone. Found out it was wrong and tried to get a refund the same day, support didn’t approve it. I feel ripped off and will never support a product from this company again.

    1. User Rating:

      It is strange as they have this information on their website – “iPhone & iPad

      Made for iPhones and iPads
      iOS up to and including 9.0.2
      Jailbreak Requires”
      So, they do warn their customers, as it seems…

      N Z
    2. User Rating:

      They approved my refund because it was within the 10 day period. They actually tell you in an email you can cancel within 10 days. And they still haven’t refunded me!

  9. User Rating:

    This product do not work, then is never a person to talk to for support, the support emails take 2 days to answer, and they don’t retur your money, don’t buy this product. the answers you get from the support time are computer generated so you never get the right answer or just they answer a half of it.

    Sharlenne Zam
  10. User Rating:

    NEVER PURCHASE SPYERA – save your money. If it does work it wont be for long and then when you log support emails (No phone number to call for help) it takes days, weeks, months for them to get back to you and then the reply does not even fix the problems (yes I mean problems – not 1, not 2, not 3 about 6 in total). When yearly licence was due I asked for a licence extension as it hadn’t been working properly for months and I had logged so many support emails it wasn’t funny and I received a response – your licence starts the day you buy and it does not matter whether you used or not (well I wanted to use it but it wasn’t working – not my fault), if you don’t like it don’t renew.
    Take my advise stay away from this program.

    1. User Rating:

      I wish I had read your review before purchasing. Sadly Spyera are a con company! They take your money and offer no service! False advertising!

  11. User Rating:

    Android devices require being jail broken for optimal software performance. Otherwise, the software is just barely usable. In fact, if you have any issues requiring tech support; there is none!! For the price of the product, the lack of support is practically criminal. DO NOT BUY THIS SOFTWARE…..YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. The lack of support, the dismal performance, and the constant issues (for example, never been able to take remote photos, started recording both sides of phone conversations, now only the device side is recorded, burns up the battery on the installed device, so much in fact, I had to replace the phone altogether, and so much more). Just not worth the asking price with too many issues.

  12. User Rating:

    This is a complete con! I cancelled within the first 2days and they said that they’d refund me. I waited for two weeks and no refund! I contacted them via email and I got the same response “you’ll be refunded within two weeks” I waited and again no refund. I contacted them again and received no reply! It’s been over two months and still no refund. I’m appalled by this company. They seem to be operating and conducting business falsely! I will be reporting them to relevant authorities! They took my money and are not refunding me. I was within the 10 day cancel period! Utterly disgusting service!

  13. User Rating:

    This is a con. Does not work. Only responses are a computer. You’ll never reach a person, or use the software. Only buy this if you like to throw away your money.

  14. User Rating:

    Am already an spyera user from two year, the thing I don’t love it that when you need any support no body help you, two times they withdraw money from my visa without any reason, I already renew my account but they again withdraw money,, no body answer me on email when I call no answer on phone..I didn’t choose auto renewal, that is soo bad to Be ignored.

  15. User Rating:

    I have used Spyera for 4 months. Used it on a non rooted android phone. Did get basic features. However spyera stopped working during fourth month. Subscription was still active. Target phone was still in use. No update to target operating system. Contacted support, and got a response 24 hours later. Sent remote sms command. Still not working. I do not have access to target phone for reinstall of Spyera. So, no way to reinstall or fix.

    Anette Jones
    1. User Rating:


      1. User Rating:

        I think it has something to do with the wifi calling setup because I have it on two phones and one is showing client status connect which is the one working and the other is not connected which is also the one not working.

  16. User Rating:

    I used it for about three years. The application was found by an antivirus program. It doesn’t work now. Support does not respond at all. They automatically charge your payment. They do not respond to a refund request.

  17. User Rating:

    They offer very limited support if any. When you have to spend 3 days trying to get answers to basic questions like getting a login email so you can install, its not supportive. I spendt 4 hours trying to get support to respond. I was ignored even i could see they were online and available. I do not recommend the hassle this company SPYERA.COM. they are worse than the hateful people at XNSPY.com

  18. User Rating:

    Not happy this software … The customer service is very poor and no reply and no solution in this site I think I am wasted my money ..When I upgrade my version to premium plus still 7 days to but no updated when I pay full money ..
    Only I see target phone call log and photo . But I want whatsapp . Complain so much time but no solution ….

  19. User Rating:

    No support! no one answers anything and does nothing! Sorry I bought this app! I used
     flexispy for a long time. I did not renew my license due to non-functioning features in Android 9 and lack of support. When I bought spyera I noticed that their software is the same as flexispy. But the surprise came later, when I failed to activate my license from spyera, because this ID has expired license and my account is still active. Spyera replied that this was a temporary error and fixed the problem. Yes but no. The situation remained the same and spyera stopped answering my questions on how to solve the problem. It became clear to me that I must first deactivate my flexispy account in order to activate the license in spyera. But why if these are two different applications ?! Obviously not – this is the same application distributed with different names. The non-functioning functions are the same, their maintenance is just as inadequate. After a series of emails and no response from flexispy, my license was finally deactivated, and I was able to activate my spyera license immediately. You draw your own conclusions …

    Mladen Borisov
  20. User Rating:

    They cheated on me!! I bought it before 9 months ago, the application did not work on the android device since day one and they keep billing me twice and they are not willing to cancel my subscription for that I will cancel my visa card instead….. guys be aware they are cheaters and thieves

    Ahmed Madhhachi
  21. User Rating:

    I made the mistake of purchasing this service and I want to help my fellow human being out there. This is by far THE WORST spy phone app out there, and because they are also not the cheapest, that’s a huge problem. Anyone thinking of using a spy phone app should ABSOLUTELY AVOID this piece of garbage, unless they enjoy giving money away and being insulted for doing so. As many other people have mentioned here, don’t even fall for that gimmick of refunds, YOU WON’T GET YOUR MONEY BACK.

  22. User Rating:

    I think Spyera is a joke. I paid to spy on myself. I have read and followed everything to the T, Then I contact the support and the buck was passed wirh still me spying on myself. I’m done with it. I went to Myspy and I love it.

    Clarence Thurman

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