SpyBubble has been a well-known at the spy software market. It has been positioned as a simple and reliable application and a good bargain for the number of features offered; however, it underwent certain alternations which made the soft unreliable and at the present moment we no longer recommend it for download.

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Reporting and Logging:

  • SpyBubble offers all the major range of spy cell phone software features such as call and SMS tracking as well as the access to a phone book. This means that all the incoming and outgoing calls and text messages will be tracked and reported.
  • The same refers to e-mail and URL tracking. Similarly as with text messages all incoming and outgoing e-mails will be logged so that no piece of information stayed hidden.
  • Any pictures either send or uploaded are stored on a web server and can be accessed easily. This photo tracking feature is essential for many users.
  • SpyBubble allows call, text message and e-mail tracking as well as it provides the exact information about the time and duration of a call, recipients’ numbers and etc. It also helps to understand the character of communication and see its history.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

SpyBubble also allows location tracking. You are able to monitor the position of the cell phone and its owner very precisely with the help of Google Maps. This feature is very useful I case you are a parent and need to know the whereabouts of your kid.

Blocking capability:

In this respect the application cannot boast much. It is unable to block either websites or applications, nor does in allow blocking any undesired phone numbers. Besides, it is impossible to know whether the doubtful keyword was entered in a search field.


  • When it comes to the issue of technical support, there are some controversial issues. SpyBubble got a lot of advertising and promotion but in accordance to our research many of the promises do not correspond to reality. One of the most unpleasant findings upon the words of many customers is that the only way to contact the service center was via e-mail and the live-chat never goes online.
  • The last piece of many customer complaints refers to problems with money refund. When they wanted to return the product on the basis of failed expectations, their reports were unwelcome and most of the time the refund was delayed for unidentified period of time without any proper explanation from a tech support team.

Price/Quality Correlation:

Standard Version is $49.95 for 3 months of subscription and $79.95 for 6 months. At the moment and this can be considered a pretty inexpensive option among others now represented on the market. As a matter of fact, it is able to support the majority of cell phones and is updated regularly. It is easy to install and it seems to do what it is supposed to they money you pay for it.

Positive Features

  • Offers all the major tracking and retorting features of a spy software app
  • Can be installed on any device, old or new
  • iPad compatible
  • Is updated on a regular basis
  • Easy to install

Negative Features:

  • Unable to store videos
  • Unable to store any calendar info
  • Unable to block websites, apps or phone numbers
  • No keyword alert function
  • No SIM card change alert
  • Customer support level seems to be not very high

Cell Phones Supported:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • BlackBerry
  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian


SpyBubble can be characterized as a pretty good software application when you need to check on your kids. The application does not have as many features as other apps on the market offer but if you are not going to play a professional spy, it will suffice.

SpyBubble is good from the point of view that it is able to support any device and it can be installed on a tablet as well. It is easy to install and use. However, for more demanding users this can be not the best option as it is not compatible with Mac and it does not have the blocking feature.

15 SpyBubble User Reviews

  1. User Rating:

    It is sort of great that the stuff from James Bond movies is now available to general public and I, well, I tried many and this one has a really wide array of features that can help you succeed in whatever you are up to. I have been using SpyBubble for several weeks and it is ok – at least I know what my kids are up to. However, it is not really that fast to install as they advertise – it’s not a couple of minutes – it is good half an hour at the very least, and you have to know the cell phone well; so be prepared.

  2. User Rating:

    I chose to try spybubble as my first spy software and it is ok, to my mind. Surely, it is nothing they show you on TV and especially about GPS tracking – quite little of the kind; however, you are able to get the whereabouts of a person you track. It also requires time for adjustment and you should be outside of anything – building, or else, not underground surely. It is only the military and such people who actually can track the exact locations up to meters and that stuff; however, spybubble is ok for such amateur users like me: )

  3. User Rating:

    As for me, SpyBubble is a really good thing and it works. I recently decided to install in on my teenage son’s blackberry because he’s become difficult to deal with sometimes and now I know what he’s up to without unnecessary scandals.

  4. User Rating:

    I used this in 2012 on a Droid X needing it to be completely undetectible which it wasn’t.
    Each time I requested a photo be taken the target phone notification light would turn on, it did the same thing when recording.

  5. User Rating:

    I have had spybubble for 6 months now on an android, at first the basic version witch worked well, the the pro version witch is great, records calls and surroundings, but sadly they do not offer the pro version anymore so I’m looking for another spysoftware witch records calls and surroundings…

    what I would do better on this app:

    – sometimes the damn app stops working alltoghether and the only way to get it started again is to restart the phone, really not usefull
    – on outgoing calls the callers voice cannot be heard, you only hear a one sided conversation
    – if the app’s surrounding recording is on, the calls are not recorded and the surrounding recording only records static when a call is going on.
    – the sms feature does not record anything media, like if you send a picture , video, etc
    – gps is far from precise, and far from real time

  6. User Rating:

    I have used this app…it is not what the promoters claim it is. Half the time, it just stops working after perhaps few hours. It is not worth it

  7. User Rating:

    It is definitely not the most powerful app that I tried and not the one that you rate first; however, it works and I haven’t got an issue with it for my 2 months of subscribtion so far. I do recommend this soft.

  8. User Rating:

    I used Spybubble for a year and found the pro version fair but unfortunately the pro version is not available any longer so the program has become useless for me as I can’t get recordings any longer.
    the GPS leaves a lot to be desired, the SMS worked well, The Call Recording does not record all the calls and when it does you sometimes hear both parties, sometimes the target phone and sometimes the other party so you get a lot of one sided recordings. The Environmental recordings worked well. The service however does quit working sometimes and if the target phone shuts off the web icon or phone location the GPS quits working and so the whole program.
    For the price the program worked ok but without the pro version I find it useless.

  9. User Rating:

    did work well, but target phone needs to be reset about once a month, by just popping out battery, and putting back in, which for me isn’t a problem, but you get no warning other than it stops logging anything, and site has now been down for several days, and no response, so has it disappeared for good?

  10. User Rating:

    So many different responses here… I am a recent user and haven’t had a problem so far. Looks like I am a lucky one.))


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