Shadow Spy is an advanced software tool intended for real-time monitoring of mobile devices. It enables a user to track all sorts of activities in a device being monitored and create/receive reports. What makes it more attractive compared to many similar tools are its compact size, user friendly interface and attractive price/quality ratio.

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Reporting and Logging:

Shadow Spy boasts speedy log reporting: it takes seconds or even split seconds for it to report an SMS arriving on the device being spied on. Shadow Logs Panel will enable you to track multiple devices that are using your account. To get it going, you will need to tie your target users’ accounts to yours. It allows you to do a handful of activities, to name a few:

  • View all types of logs.
  • View recordings and call history.
  • Record voice calls.
  • Operate old logs (Shadow Spy preserves them offline.)
  • Detect new ones.
  • Set up monitoring and tracking modes.
  • Shadow Spy installed on your phone will support Facebook and WhatsApp messenger logs. You can extend social media support by using Key Logging and Notification Logging.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

It allows you to track the entire route of an object and locate street addresses using GPS satellite and wireless networks. The function will provide any related information, including latitude, longitude, time and address (if available). The function will track devices with GPS activated.

Blocking capability:

Shadow Spy enables you to temporary deactivate applications on devices, which may distract you from work. You are free to block any such application and stay focused for as long as you need to.


Shadow Spy have addresses in the USA and India. And you can also contact the support team by either e-mail or a contact form provided on their website.

Price/Quality Correlation:

This is one of Shadow Spy’s greatest advantages. There are different options, from which you can choose the best plan you can afford. For example, you can buy one month subscription Startup package, which will give you plenty of time for evaluating the basic functionality. Also, there are Basic Package (3 month subscription), Advance Package (6 month subscription), and Longlife Package (1 year subscription). To see it is really worth the candle, you can try it for three days and make your final decision.

Positive Features

Shadow Spy seamlessly integrates into the OS of the device it tracks. Once installed, it will operate silently and almost secretly, without any icons or messages showing up on the target device. This application can be used as a parental control tool. Also, some bosses would prefer to track their employees’ activities during work hours and thus maintain discipline.

Negative Features:

If you are thinking about using Shadow Spy, please, make sure it is legal in your country and it will not constitute a violation of any privacy laws.

Cell Phones Supported:

  • Android

Shadow Spy supports Android devices that use Gingerbread, Jelly bean, Ice Cream sandwich, lollipop, etc., regardless of manufacturer.


Shadow Spy uses the most sophisticated and advanced tracking technologies, and now it is getting close to (or has reached) the top position in the list of similar applications. High customer satisfaction pretty much testifies to its effectiveness, usability, and affordability.

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