PhoneSheriff is a Mobile Spy affiliate program that if offered by Retina-X Studios, LLC - the company that develops a broad range of various software tracking applications. It is a sophisticated piece of parental control software, which you can install on your child’s device (phone, tablet, etc.) and track his or her activity without having to follow him or her around everywhere. It is compatible with all popular iOSs, particularly with jail-breakable ones.

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Reporting and Logging:

  • Monitoring calls and SMS. You can create and view call history, restrict call time, and track incoming and outgoing SMS messages.
  • Internet usage monitoring. This one enables you to trace your kid’s activity on the Internet and see what sites he or she visits from time to time.
  • Media viewing function. It shows you incoming and outgoing media (audio and video) files.
  • Messenger logging. PhoneSheriff tracks the use of instant messengers, such as WhatsApp, SnapChat, and iMessenger.
  • The software provides access to the address book and tracks events, which are marked in the target user’s calendar.
  • Photo logging. This function tracks all photos taken on the target device.
  • Alerts and notifications. You can set the program to email or SMS you every time it detects a profanity use or other undesirable activity.
  • Restore and backup. You can create a backup of the target phone data, so that it remains available even if the target user loses or destroys the phone. Using a control panel, it is possible to restore factory settings.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

The tool’s IT capabilities enable GPS tracking, so you can open a map and simply watch the mark travel across it. You always know where your kid is and do not have to phone him/her all the time.

Blocking capability:

With PhoneSheriff on your and your child’s phone, you can block the target device at whatever time of the day you think you should. Also, you can just block unwanted messages, calls, and restrict browsing. Thus you can monitor and regulate your kid’s Internet usage.


There are a number of support options for PhoneSheriff, like the FAQ service, via which you can asks questions directly and get first-hand information from the team. Also, you can submit requests using the Retina-X Studios Help Desk and open support tickets.

Price/Quality Correlation:

The pricing policy is clear and concise, and there are no hidden costs. Although many users find this utility quite expensive, those who have been using it for a little while say it is really worth the price.

  • 6-month option costs $49.00 for parents;
  • a 1-year option costs $89.00 for parents.

Positive Features

  • The team of software developers maintains contact with every user and provides 24/7 customer support. You are free to ask any questions and say what you like and do not like about PhoneSheriff.
  • PhoneSheriff is not spyware! Your child is aware it is installed on his or her device and welcomes it as a much better alternative to your following them around or confiscating the device. This allows you to maintain a stronger and more trustful relationship with your kids.

Negative Features:

  • High price
  • There is no chance to restore data, if you have erased from the target device.

Cell Phones Supported:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Blackberry


PhoneSheriff is an effective and user-friendly parental control tool. It integrates with devices in such a way that children can walk without even realizing they are being monitored.

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