mSpy is considered one of the most powerful tools in the line of spy products. It offers a wide range of mobile tracking options and to some extent it is the most popular software application among its competitors. It is remarkable for the set of advanced features as well as a unique ones such as Keylogger.

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Reporting and Logging:

  • !!!The latest iOS jail-breakable version has recently become fully supported by mSpy.
  • !!!Premium package offers new feature – Telegram Tracking. Another instant messenger monitoring option; for now available on Android only.
  • !!! Multiple device monitoring option – a full Monitoring Bundle – is offered at a discounted price to all customers currently.
  • Keylogger – best way to get all the passwords and search requests.
  • mSpy allows all the regular features such as spying on calls and text messages as well as e-mails.
  • It makes monitoring the Internet usage also possible and this means that all the URLs and websites will be recorded.
  • There is unlimited access to the address book as well as to calendar events of the object’s cell phone and the application also makes it possible to intercept instant messages.
  • Besides, it also allows viewing all the media files, whether incoming or outgoing.
  • There is also a remote control feature and the option that allows setting control over the programs and applications used on the phone.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

As any other software of the kind, mSpy allows tracking location of your target via GPS. It is easy to use and it helps a lot.

Blocking capability:

mSpy allows blocking the undesired incoming calls. However, it does not allow blocking the number but getting the information about the incoming/outgoing calls and requests concerning the forbidden number. Here is no option in mSpy for making such notifications.


mSpy is known to offer a quite speedy support in case a client needs it. Their support team is ready to answer to any inquiries 24/7. They also have free number where they can be reached easily in case of any problems. They also offer Live Chat support. Among the similar applications mSpy can be considered as the one having exceptional support team.

Price/Quality Correlation:

This application price starts from $25.49 for a Basic 1-month package and it is $69.99 for a Premium 1-month subscription. You can also get a Bundle kit (mobile+desktop) for $72.24 a month. This software cannot be called cheap by any means; however, for those users looking for the best quality and extended range of features, it will be the choice worth making.

Positive Features

  • The application has got the traditional range of features and can boast having more options than other similar products on the market.

Negative Features:

  • mSpy license allows tracking only one phone at a time, so you won’t be able to install it on several (even two) cell phones.
  • The application makes it possible to wipe the phone remotely; however, the lost data will have no chance to be reclaimed.
  • There is no SIM card change alert.
  • In case you would like to monitor and iPhone, the latter will have to be jail broken.

Cell Phones Supported:

  • iPhone (has to be jail broken)
  • Android
  • BlackBerry

mSpy DOES NOT support:

  • regular cell phones
  • Windows Phone devices
  • Bada OS and any other OSs

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mSpy can be characterized as a very useful and easy to handle application for mobile tracking. It offers a broad range of features and it works in stealth mode and in accordance to the feedbacks studied, no faults were discovered.

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56 mSpy User Reviews

  1. User Rating:

    I heard a great deal about this service and eventually I decided to give it a try – there was a need, to put it in such a way. I have to say that it is really undetectable – I was relieved to get this confirmed. I also like it that the data is unloaded in small packages and it is just impossible to be detected and there is no text commands that are used in other software and all the control goes from the control panel – strictly online. Not a chance that you get this mentioned on your cell bill. I had just one issue with mSpy when I first installed it – calls were not recorded. However, with the help of their tech support it was resolved really in a matter of an hour. I surely can recommend mSpy as it served my purposes well at some point of y life.

    Patric L.
  2. User Rating:

    It is absolutely sure that you are going to be discouraged by the price of the app; however, as for me – I would rather pay more and even double but deal with the faultless service. I do not trust cheap and easy solutions and, thus, mSpy is my choice .

  3. User Rating:

    It’s too bad I haven’t learned about this very app earlier. It could be so much of help in my situation. I am absolutely positive now that paying double price is worth the features and options offered and I can recommend it to anyone, for sure.

    1. User Rating:

      I totally AGREE with you. Target phone stayed disconnected from apt over a month. They lied about fixing the issue right up to the expiration date. SHAME ON YOU mSpy.

  4. User Rating:

    Used the software for a year on an Iphone 4s. Had to many issues. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t. Tech support always said they are working on it and after 8 months, it never got resolved. The just say they are working on it and never resolve the problem. Once they get your money, good luck with support.

  5. User Rating:

    Such a disappointment, really. I was promised that the product would work perfectly – and it did, but not perfectly. I think that for their price their support could have been better as well.

  6. User Rating:

    No instant messaging tracking (requires rooting) and not declared at purchase time
    No email or event tracking working
    No Keyboard logs working
    It gave me 50% of what was claimed
    Help Desk and support is below average

  7. User Rating:

    I have tried some apps before like spybubble & spyagent. Compared both apps that ive tried before i just want to say that mSpy deserved its #1st place ranking as the best mobile spy apps. I can trace whatever i want it like photos, contacts, locations, videos, web history, even whatsapp & facebook track. Yes, we have to root our mobile phone but android rooting is not an issue anymore because you can do that your ownself & it is easy to learn & root your mobile phone.

  8. User Rating:

    Perfect, But Web Control Panel is not good.
    It is not really cheap. So I use SpyApp now, it cheap and the same with mSpy

  9. User Rating:

    I have no idea why so many bad reports here. It works fairly well with me. Sometimes it looks like gps tracker got led astray but it’s fairly rare. Other featues are fine.

  10. User Rating:

    I purchased it recently for my eldest kid, I got desperate fighting about where he goes and people hangs out with. The more I pressed the worst it got so I came up with this tracking app and I am glad I did. Saved me from so many headaches.

    Arthur E.
  11. User Rating:

    Among the spy apps I tried, this one was the best so far. I haven’t been using it for more than a month so far but not a single problem occured.

  12. User Rating:

    I bought the app to keep an eye on my eldest son – I am glad I did. No more bikering and I know where to find him when I need it without problems.

  13. User Rating:

    The older they get, the harder it is to keep them from their devices. I got tired of trying to make my kids pay attention to what they do online and also of being worried all the time of where they are and so on. With mSpy things are so much easier – I know where my kids are and what websites they visit. I have already blocked a couple successfully without quarrels and shouting why they are not supposed to be visited – they just fail to connect and give up finally. I do recommend this app for parents of teens in the first place.

  14. User Rating:

    I tried mSpy and Mobistealth and the first one proved to be more effective to me. Not that the latter is bad or does not work but in the long run I became confident in my choise of mSpy because its keylogger feature is really great.

  15. User Rating:

    Had great luck with software but target phone was reset. Re- Installation has been a nightmare because I can’t get the sim toolkit off. It won’t allow me to reinstall without removing it first.

  16. User Rating:

    Too bad they cancelled these features, they were of use… However, this is really the best app I ever tried and not a single trouble in my entire experience.

  17. User Rating:

    Mspy was top of the line before the call and surround recording ended. As far as internet browser tracking there is not a spyware available to track incognito browsing. So unless you are willing to root the target phone Mspy is like all the other spyware available if you want to track facebook, chat, email. I am into my 2nd yr with Mspy and it will be my last because now it’s definitely not worth the price now.

  18. User Rating:

    Cancelled already cause the 2 features that i only used were cut off so there is no point on paying all that money for something i can get cheaper or that i wont be using…

  19. User Rating:

    Mspy didn’t do what it promised. No sound recording of surroundings, and at first every SMS was listed as coming from just one person. Then it quit doing anything altogether after three days. But customer support did refund my money after it quit working.

  20. User Rating:

    I loved MSpy and the surround recording was epic! Why they got rid of the best and most tempting feature is beyond me. I renewed without realizing that and was refused a refund. No other spyware seems to have this same feature. I’ve seen apps that record calls. Apps that record surroundings, but require a secret text be sent- Um, no. I just want my old MSpy back. 🙁

  21. User Rating:

    I have used it for two years now and despite the fact that tehy removed the features that were the most fun it is still the best spy app I’ve tried.

  22. User Rating:

    I have used mspy for a month now and I have a serious concern over its usage. The battery of the phone drains so quickly that it is sure to leave the other person in suspicion. An average with quality but pretty bad in terms.

  23. User Rating:

    It’s a good app but some other options that mspy don’t have that other free apps (android version of Android lost) have is sound recorder and ability to take pictures or video… that’s the reason why I’m only using it for one month then after that it’s kinda nonsense to keep dishing out $60 bucks a month or what ever it is for 12 months.
    PROS: is the ability to monitor whatsapp, facebook, snapchat,line and other social apps and the keylogger (IF I get it working), battery life on iphone 6+ is great from 100% in the morning to 70% by days end.
    CONS: no picture and no AUDIO or video recording (major disappointment ), gps traking is not live takes about roughly 10-15 min regardless if you set to report gps every 5 min. Other reports are hit and mis between 5- 10 min between changes of information, on text messages or emails it doesn’t show attachments.

    sal c
  24. User Rating:

    There are many problems in major features .. * in call logs many of logs appears as a number instead of contact name.
    * in some devices i tried, the video loges does not work at all.
    * in photo logs, it does not specify source of the photo ( if it is captured or downloaded or sent to mobile )
    * in browser history, it does not detect logs from many browsers such as google chrome.
    * in Whatsapp logs it does not show names, only numbers and in whatsapp groups you can’t even know how sent messages, all that you may know is the incoming and outgoing messages.
    * the mspy does not have features like capturing photos or surrounding sounds.
    * best of mspy is the keylogger that detect every typing process in mobile even in calculator.

  25. User Rating:

    I like the app but the one feature that is severely lacking is location detection. I had a different app that updated every 8 minutes but this app sometimes takes days! Mspy please contact me and tell me you fixed it!

  26. User Rating:

    Hi, can you please advise how you can hide the mspy icon? I’m about to buy this software but I cannot have the icon on the target phone.

    Also, do I need to root the android for access to WhatsApp, Facebook and email?


  27. User Rating:

    Mspy is not the best I’ve ever tried, maybe the most expensive… They spend a lot in publicity so that’s why is that popular.
    Facebook, Instagram, Line doesn’t update. Locations are not accurate. And, it is the most expensive service compared to other brands. Oh, by the way… customer service not a great thing, online chat hidden and they want uyou to pay for the support.

  28. User Rating:

    Is this app hidden on target phone? Does it log 2nd party apps messages like Facebook messenger? Can I change how frequently the GPS tracks to save on the target phones battery life?

    1. User Rating:

      You can hide it, and you get access to Facebook all right…thought, sometimes it get problems with updates.

  29. User Rating:

    Had it for over a year worked fine and with the last IOS update, it plain just does not work. You contact their customer NO SUPPORT attempt to tell them they have an issue and after an hour of them telling you they don’t have an issue, they agree, they do have an issue. It keeps defaulting back to a previous IOS version therefore it won’t work.

    Even when you uninstall the phone, it only gives you one version to update to. The old version. Don’t buy this product thry have serious issues.

  30. User Rating:

    Location services worked for a day. Now it isn’t working. My spy tell me everything is fine on there end. Was working great. Customer service blew me off saying the problem in on my end. Not sure what to do. Can anyone help with this problem…

  31. User Rating:

    If you don’t root the phone you won’t get many features, but even the ones you get sometimes it doesn’t update for hours. Kinda disappointed

  32. User Rating:

    I want to purchase this I would like to know how many phones can be targeted and is rooting reqd.

  33. User Rating:

    Current version monitors SnapChat if:
    1. You jail break the phone
    2. You are on iOS 9 or earlier

    Current iOS is 11 with 12 already planned to be released.

    MSpy is going to release jail break for iOS 10 soon.

    Unless your child knows nothing about their phone and never updates it, SnapChat monitoring is impossible.

    This company is very customer unfriendly. Don’t fall for this.

    ken nelson
  34. User Rating:

    Terrible service, support and dishonesty… I needed help with monitoring snap chat. The customer support told me rooting would only take a few minutes with some support. I bought the product. Then they told me it would not work with a Verizon phone. I asked for a refund. They countered with fine print and offered products I don’t need. Dont buy from these thieves.

  35. User Rating:

    Does not work with latest April 2018 version of iOS 11. Per the tech support chat that I just had, mSpy is not compatible with any version newer than iOS 9.1, as there is no “full jailbreak” for newer versions. Not helpful if you have 3 year old or newer phones!!!

  36. User Rating:

    bought the no-jail break version. After it took a really long time to install and then 24 hours later finally being able to look at what was downloaded the day before, it no longer did update. Was not a password problem, even though customer support would like insist it is. Was told to unlink and relink phone. After you do that, wait another 24 hours to see if it worked. It did not not. Tried that multiple times. SO all in all, a useless software and pointing to fine print they claim they don;t have to refund my money. BUYER BEWARE. with this company, you will have to read FAQ, contact (not sure it was ever displayed ding purchase) and basically every word on their website to see of you really want/need the software. I do not recommend it!

  37. User Rating:

    I purchased the mspy product to monitor my teenage son who was hanging out with the wrong crowd. After several attempts to disable the 2-factor authentication feature on his iphone – even after mspy’s suggestions – I asked for a full refund. To date, all I got are the same emails giving the same suggestions and lately, an email saying I was getting half a refund…REALLY? I sent an email demanding my FULL refund and haven’t heard from them AT ALL. I check my credit card account EVERYDAY and haven’t received a cent back. Despite the reviews, they must be doing bad because they can’t find a way around giving me back my $68.98.

  38. User Rating:

    Do not expect any help from customer service. They actually hung up on me mid-sentence. Tech support told me my appt time to root phone was 6-7 when clearly my confirmation e-mail stated 11-12. I could go on and on. But i’ll only get angry again. In closing mspy sucks and cant do what they claim. I can’t rate them in negative numbers so i’ll leave that part blank. You’ve been warned.

  39. User Rating:

    I live chatted to a sales staff member and asked specific questions about the installation process and weather I would have to change a bunch of settings while installing (because I couldn’t get a hold of the target device for long so I needed to know exactly what I was doing) the sales staff member completely and utterly lied to almost every specific question I had. I even asked if I have to turn google play protect off (step one by the way according to the installation process guide I seen after I had purchased) and the staff member said no. The staff member said I just have to install the file and that’s it, completely lied.

    I have been asking for a refund of my $92 (my currency) for 5 days now and they are just giving me the run around and saying via email the billing team will be in contact within 48 hours.

    I have never installed on any device and want nothing to do with this lying company and just want a refund but when they did contact me they said we can offer you assistance in installing for free. I don’t want any free services I want a refund.

    After reading all the bad reviews on here it seems I’m not the only one they do this too.

    Avoid this company, the sales staff either don’t know what they are doing and give you false information or they knowingly lie to make a sale that is then impossible to get a refund back from.


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