MobiStealth is one of the apps that offers a broad range of features. You can choose from Basic version as well as MobiStealth Lite, MobiStealth Pro and MobiStealth Pro-X. They are different and surely, the basic version is the simplest one and the Pro-X version has additional features such as call recording.

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Reporting and Logging:

  • !!! iOS6.0 – 10 jail-breakable versions are fully supported by MobiStealth.
  • All the versions of MobiStealth offer the basic set of mobile tracking application features such as call tracking (details and recording) as well as text message reporting.
  • It allows access to all the URLs visited as well as websites containing video. Not every application of this kind allows video logging.
  • It also shows all the incoming and outgoing pictures as well as gives full access to the contact list of a person’s cell phone. So, you will be able to know much more about the character of communications your kid has, for instance.
  • MobiStealth allows recording the surroundings of the cell phone even when it is not used directly.
  • The application includes SIM change notification feature so that you will know when the object decides to replace or remove the SIM.
  • One of the advanced features offered by this application is that in case of loss or theft it is possible to wipe all the data from the phone remotely.
  • Keylogging: you can log keystrokes and take screenshots.
  • MobiStealth is easy to install and then the monitoring activity can be performed from any computer with the Internet access.
  • This is covert cell-phone monitoring software and it seems to be as it claims. It does not show any sign of being installed on a smartphone, so you may rest assured that your object won’t notice the change.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

Mobistealth allows location tracking in a very convenient way. There is real time location tracking option; however, the history is also recorded so that it is very easy to see the movements of the object during the day.

Blocking capability:

The application offers a wide range of features; however it lacks the capability of blocking the undesired web addresses remotely. The same refers to contact blocking. One of the drawbacks is that keyword alert isn’t included in the list of features as well. You will only be able to see the site, contacts and search results but have no chance to prevent the further interaction.


The website has got a support section page and there is also live chat for any inquiries and questions. They also offer 30-day refund for their product in case it hasn’t met the expectations of a client.

Price/Quality Correlation:

The price for the application is offered with regards to the version chosen. Pro Android version for a 3-month period is $49.99 and iPhone Premium version will cost you $99.99 for 3 months. Only 3-month, 6-month (Android) and yearly subscription plans are offered. This is not that bad when you take into consideration the options and how much safer you will feel about your kids.

Positive Features

  • It can be characterized as an application that offers the broadest range of possible mobile tracking features from text message and call tracking to even spy calls and recordings.

Negative Features:

  • It lacks the feature of blocking websites and contacts.
  • No keyword alert feature
  • Some customers faced complications when trying to download and install the application.

Cell Phones Supported:

  • Android
  • iPhone (version 5 and iOS 6.1.2 now as well; any version should be jailbroken)
  • BlackBerry
  • Symbian


MobiStealth in accordance to our research was pretty good but not outstanding product offering all the normal and basic features of mobile tracking software of the kind. It allows tracking contacts and location of a person as well as listening to conversations but no blocking features offered. All in all, it has got all the basic tools that such software is supposed to have and for the company that is new on the market, they offer a good product. It definitely can compete with the similar ones in line and serve its purposes right.

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47 MobiStealth User Reviews

  1. User Rating:

    I am using Mobistealth and I can say that it is organized really well. It can be easily seen if you open the control panel. Text messages are as transparent as they can be – you can see whether they are incoming or outgoing, the sender and he recipient, time and so on. The same with the calls; I can see contacts, address book and browsing history as well as. I can say that I have tried other spy soft options and for me this one is just the most convenient and comprehensive. And I have never had problems with tracking – it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

    1. User Rating:

      Mark, do you have to have the phone that you want to track, in order to download the app onto the phone you want to track?

  2. User Rating:

    Me too is a mobistealth user – it works, and well. I am pleased with the app and it really does what it promises, no strings attached.

  3. User Rating:

    I have been a Mobistealth user for about half a year now. I switched to Blackberry recently and now I like it even better. I also used to have a different soft and it took time to get used to the commands and so on; however, I am sure this is the best option on the spy software market and I think I should mention customer support – great job.)

  4. User Rating:

    It’s been 4 months that I have been using Mobistealth and I haven’t had any problem that wasn’t attended immediately. Most of the issues were resolved in a matter of several hours. I really like the way their customer support works.

  5. User Rating:

    I couldn’t get to their customer serivce and it becomes annoying, really. I hate to be ignored and it is imporant for me to fix the problem. I start to think that it was a wrong app to choose…

  6. User Rating:

    Yes, Carol you do have to have the phone to initially install the software, though you have have it installed in about 5 minutes. I’ve been using the product for about 2 years now and it does everything it says it does. The recording of surroundings is amazing! The only downfall is that it does not capture the browsing history if the user opens the web page in ‘incognito mode’ even if their in the native browser. That also needs to be pointed out, they must use the native browser. If they add Chrome or Opera or any of the other browsers the software can’t see the browsing history. Other than that it’s a great product that does exactly as it says.

  7. User Rating:

    Hi I would like to know if you can monitor whatsapps & bbm messages on a blackberry.

  8. User Rating:


    this software requires continous internet connection?
    I would like to buy it, but the cell phone is connect via wifi only every evening, but I would like to know the all days happening. Is it problem? What can I do?



  9. User Rating:

    Does this keep a record of via text or iMessage. And what does an how covert is the control panel from the phone that you are doing the monitoring? Can it be hidden on the phone incase someone is looking through the monitoring phone will they be able to see an find it?

    Hunter Watson
    1. User Rating:

      I am not sure about the first one as I haven’t tried it on iPhone but the second question – it is not supposed to be seen to the person yu spy at. My friend didn’t notice a thing – so they do not lie about the stealth mode.

  10. User Rating:

    Have used a couple of other programs (which have had issues). Used MobiStealth in the past, but quit due to poor tech support. Am wondering now if that has improved. Also wondering if call recording works for both sides of the conversations. Seems some programs won’t work on the target phone if the user is using a bluetooth headset! Wonder if MobiStealth will record if the user has a bluetooth. Can anyone answer that one?

  11. User Rating:

    I have used this software for over a year. There have been a few glitches but nothing major. The only reason that I stopped using this software is because they no longer support surrounding recordings or call recordings. These were more important to me than the other stuff. But overall I would recommend this to anyone and if they got those features back I would return.

    1. User Rating:

      Quite agree with you Lauren. Used it for 3 months and loved it. Also stopped because surround sound and call recording were the major features I wanted. Can you recommend another spy software equally as good with these features?

    2. User Rating:

      Lauren, I too enjoyed the two additional features with the ProX. The surround recording and the call recordings. What product did you end up going with to replace these features? My subscription is coming up and want to find something similar. Thanks.

  12. User Rating:

    so if I load the sofware on a desk top which has wi Fi and the phones I am moniitering are 4G I wont be able to track the phones or read texts.. I need to monitor two phoness of my kids which are away at college.If it all needs Wi Fi whast the point Kids are not alwayd in WI Fi locations

  13. User Rating:

    Please help me understand, whether i am able to make spy calls when there is no internet connection in mobistealth?

  14. User Rating:

    just do not understand if this software also can record/register phone calls? (and if I cna the listed them later from the control panel)


    1. User Rating:

      Lately Mobistealth dicided to stop the recording feature in the mobile and PC and so i did stop my licences and I did ask for refund due to that I wasn`t told they will stop it in the future .

  15. User Rating:

    How accurate is the location tracking? I monitor the position of the device and it show it jump here and there, a about 1 mile consistent to the same location where the device really is not. I call it and they are at work still. sometimes it jumps about 4 miles . How can I improve the accuracy ?
    GPS is switched on as well.

    Help. This feature is important to me.

  16. User Rating:

    Was the best up.I have been using it for yearsbut whithout call or surounding recordings is not very helpfull now .If something changes i will be back to it for sure

  17. User Rating:

    Actually I have a question, if the target android phone is installed stealthy, can the target phone user discover the app with antivirus or malware detection software? This is very important to my situation, if my kids find out I’m spying they Will just find another way to do what they don’t want me to know about, also, is there a key logger in this software?

  18. User Rating:

    Can someone tell me if this option no more in function , I would like to purchase this software and use this options : “ whithout call or surounding recordings “ = if this is working than I will buy and give 5 star

  19. User Rating:


  20. User Rating:

    Downloaded the software on iPhone , gps works fine but nothing else does. No instructions to refur to, we had the target phone and couldn’t understand why we needed it as nothing was happening or appeared to need settings touched. We bought the unjail broken software .. Nothing works … Sent a message to mobi but as yet no reply !!! Really not impressed and very annoyed !!

  21. User Rating:

    I would like to know how to download and listen to the surrounding recording I did. I have 4 of them for 4 days now. I hit download and a box comes up saying loading. It will do this for hours. I even downloaded the vlc app with no success. I have a Samsung galaxy S5. I have no pc to use with this. Help!!! This is very frustrating

  22. User Rating:

    Why monitoring on Viber, Whatsup and Skype dont work on mobilestealth???
    I have the Pro-X version.
    Android – Samsung is cellphone.

    Im thinking to Cancel the mobilestealth.

  23. User Rating:

    How big is the file of a surround record file off 30 minuts ??? How many Mb ?
    Is there any retard between the command ‘record surround’ and the start of the surround ?

  24. User Rating:

    I need the software to send texmassge from her mobile to my mobile phone with out touching her mobile phone please can you help

    Jaspal Singh Gill
  25. User Rating:

    Most of the features are not working like promised. I spent 3 days off communication trying to solve the issues. The software is far away from being useful as the vendor advertise it.

    Bart Germie
  26. User Rating:

    Don’t use this app if you have an iPhone… I have had nothing but headaches with this program and feel completely ripped off. From the second day, I tried to get a refund, but I was told, I wasn’t eligible. The website specifically states that you can get a full refund within 15 days, but they don’t honor it. They have a link at the bottom of the website, citing restrictions…BE CAREFUL. The product doesn’t perform as advertised and the company has no guarantee once you instal the app. I have spent hours trying to get it to work or get a refund, but to no avail. Save yourself the headache.

    Ripped Off

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