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Mobile Spy represents a phone tracker application with a broad set of features. It distinguishes from other apps in the line because some of its options are available only for BlackBerry and iPhone. In all other ways it is a trustworthy spy application and it is also very attractive in terms of prices for many customers.

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Reporting and Logging:

  • The application allows to track calls and text messages as well as e-mails, both incoming and outgoing.
  • It also allows tracking any media files.
  • The whole and detailed report about calls is provided. Text messages are displayed in full.
  • Take Instant Spy Photos
  • There is also URL log; however, the application does not store bookmark history.
  • Mobile Spy works in stealth mode.
  • The application also offers LIVE control panel that is unique to this kind of applications. It allows LIVE tracking. Basic regular tracking report is also enabled.
  • There is remote control feature and the option of surroundings recording.
  • For the full-time buyers who get a year subscription SnipperSpy is also added for FREE. It allows tracking both cell phone and computer.
  • SIM card change alert is enabled.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

Mobile Spy allows GPS and SMS location tracking as well. It is easy to use and it allows to see whereabouts of a cell phone on a map.

Blocking capability:

Mobile Spy allows blocking undesired applications.


  • In case of any questions a user can contact the support team via e-mail, telephone or by using Live Chat.
  • They offer 24/7 support for USA-based users.

Price/Quality Correlation:

Mobile Spy 3 Month License starts from $64.97. Average – taking into consideration the option of live tracking.

Positive Features

  • Broad range of features and access to the address book.
  • The deleted information is also displayed.

Negative Features:

  • Not all the features of Mobile Spy can be used on every smartphone type. E-mail log feature works only for BlackBerries and iPhones.
  • No keyword alert.
  • No time-restriction option.

Cell Phones Supported:

  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • Symbian


To some extent this application is deficient in features, if compared with others. However, it has got a set of real advantages. The company has been on the market since 2003 and it is a reliable one. It can be a bit expensive choice but it is the price you pay for the quality.

They offer a basic set of features that is equal to some other applications and it works well with all the operating systems, as advertised. There is no problem with installing and usage. It can be said that it is a reasonably good application that could have been richer with features but either way is ok for its purposes.

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16 Mobile Spy User Reviews

  1. User Rating:

    It’s clever in some ways but unreliable and too many features only work with one platform or another (e.g. no monitoring of emails on Android. The live tracking facility is great when it works… The whole system keeps losing connection with the device and the GPS locations are inaccurate by up to half a mile at some times but not others. Support always says the same thing – fixing the problem requires physical access to the device. Duh! It’s supposed to be remote monitoring software! If I had access to the device every time something went wrong with the tracking, I wouldn’t need the software! Really, they should give a refund since it doesn’t do it’s job so often, but they refused. I’ll look for another system. Wouldn’t recommend.

  2. User Rating:

    I took some time researching some good place to get spy soft as my son was giving me more trouble than usual. What I mean, I do not particularly like his new friends and they way he spends his free time, at least the time I know about. So I decided upon Mobile Spy and I did read all the possible information of the site. However, it was quite unpleasant to discover right after the actual purchase that it works only with iOS 3.2. And there is no word about this on their website. I took a fair amount of time to prove them that I didn’t just change my mind but that they actually have a problem with their site updates. All in all, it is supposed to be good soft, I believe, too bad I was unable to try it.

  3. User Rating:

    I like it quite all right. I can say that the price covers the features – so, do not expect too much. However, it is fun and I can rest asured that my kid is safe, at least I know about the places he goes and people he meets. too bad it does not support ios 4.3…

  4. User Rating:

    Very disappointed!!!! I was able to see the text messages for a couple days after I purchased the program and now I can not see them at all. Out of all the features they promised I was only able to access two of them. Call recording never worked tracking doesn’t work. I am able to see her call log and contacts and this is it.
    Not worth the money and customer service is a complete joke. They never email you back and live chat is always offline.

    1. User Rating:

      The costumer service is not offline but it seems that your internet IP address has been blocked by them. We experience the same thing. My computer IP address has been blocked by them so that I could not see the live chat anymore. Try to log from another place, you will see that the live chat is online.

  5. User Rating:

    Complete waste of time and money. Didn’t even work for the first few weeks! Not reliable with any of the features. GPS off by miles, not all texts are visible, email was all over the place and finally the owner of the phone was notified BY mobile spy that the program had been installed on the phone. In what was was this a “mobilespy”?Customer service was also a joke. Do not buy this its garbage!

    Stacey Martin
  6. User Rating:

    Totally not worth 70$. I could read one day only of texts and 2 days of the call logs. Only thing that works is gps. And im not so sure thats even right. Spyware like this is a scam and waste of money not to mention can cause extreme heartache and stress. Dont buy this shit!

  7. User Rating:

    I have read all this and it’s kind of strange – I bought the app and it works fine. Well, at least it does everything I need it to do. It could cost less, however…

  8. User Rating:

    A useless software. It only works for 2-3 days of the purchase and after that it just stops logging. If you contact support, they wont even read your email and will paste a template reply. I told them to atleast read the email coz i have already followed all the steps they mentioned in the email. They are useless and does not worth your money.

    mr a
    1. User Rating:

      just to add, it works only with 1 phone. The claim here that it works with 3 phones on 1 license is not accurate.

      mr a
  9. User Rating:

    i have the latest version and it work great. There’s one MAJOR PROBLEM, the app Icon stays on the phone and it’s not invisible. On top of that while you’re using the phone a message pops up letting everyone know their being monitored. That’s why I left.

  10. User Rating:

    I used this app for a while and it randomly started to notify the target phone of the app before they alerted me that was about to happen. I had not time to unistall the app if I so chosed. In addition, the phones data skyrocketed! Increasing data charges and an icon which kept popping up was a tell tale sign that the phone was monitored.
    I contacted support and they assured me that it was not their app which was causing the increase in data usage, but as soon as I uninstalled it the data decreased.
    Important note……it IS DETECTABLE. An icon of an eye flashes whenever the phone is used. You cannot remove that. If you want an app that is stealth….this is NOT the app for you.

  11. User Rating:

    If your software works than you are fine, once you want a refund, you will never get it (within their own 30 day money back guarantee).


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