Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile is a very convenient application program for cell phone tracking. It is remarkable for its stealth camera and calls recording and listening to physical surroundings options among other features. Suspicious users will also find its other numerous options quite useful. It is easy to install and it works perfectly.

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Reporting and Logging:

  • Highster Mobile offers basic options of mobile tracking application such as call tracking.
  • SMS and text message tracking.
  • Allows access to all major messenger chats.
  • It allows viewing all the media files and e-mails.
  • There is address book access so that one can see the entire contact list.
  • The application takes about several minutes to install and this is very convenient as usually there is not much time for the installation.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

Highster Mobile allows GPS tracking as well so that you could see the location and movements of the cell phone on Google Maps and make sure it is where it is supposed to be.

Blocking capability:

Unfortunately, this application does not offer any parental control options and you won’t be able to block websites and applications nor will you be able to restrict their usage. However, it allows remote uninstall of the app.


In accordance to the reviews examined, the company offers real 24/7 support and they have got a live chat that functions well and you can ask them any question that would arise.

Price/Quality Correlation:

The price for the application is $69.99 and it is one-time fee. You will not have to pay monthly or annually or whatever else – and taking into consideration the features they offer, it can be easily considered a bargain from many points of view.

Positive Features

  • It has one-time fee.
  • It has a basic set of options for monitoring.

Negative Features:

  • There are not so many features offered.
  • No parental control.
  • Not all phones are supported.
  • 2fa should be disabled to get access to the data from the Apple target device.

Cell Phones Supported:

  • iPhone
  • Android

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It can be considered rather inexpensive solution with all the necessary set of monitoring features. It is undetectable and we have not discovered any serious faults in its operation.