Flexispy is an advanced monitoring software application that allows easy smartphone tracking. It is remarkable for its broad range of basic features as well as the options of live call interception and recording. It is also noted for the limited choice of subscription options and above average package prices.

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Reporting and Logging:

  • It is easy to install and use.
  • It allows tracking SMS, text messages, calls and e-mails as well as WhatsApp Messages and BlackBerry Messages.
  • Live call interception
  • Live call recording
  • Listen to the phone’s surroundings
  • Take pictures with camera remotely
  • All the data is sent to a user’s account that can be accessed from any computer.
  • The application provides detailed call report.
  • It also provides the information about the text messages in full – the text and the data.
  • You can access the address book as well as see any modifications in the contact list.
  • It is a covert cell phone spy application and it has no problems with functioning in accordance to user’s reviews.
  • FlexiSPY works fine on non-rooted Android phones.
  • A demo version of a product that will be presented on FlexiSpy site soon. Trial version is also in the process of consideration.
  • Password Grabber allows getting the keystrokes of the most important words like passwords and ;it is available as a part of the FlexiSPY Extreme package or separately.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

Flexispy allow GPS location tracking as well. It enables the option of seeing the location and movements of a person on a map as well as sends the report to a user with all the details.

Blocking capability:

There is no blocking option either with regards to websites or applications. It is also impossible to block numbers and contacts.


  • 24/7 live support for the users who have any questions.
  • Live Chat is enabled.
  • There is a forum on the website that has got a lot of questions covered. Besides, there are numerous video files and comparison charts for a user to understand how the product works.

Price/Quality Correlation:

The price for Premium version starts from $68 a month and for Extreme version from $199 for 3 months.

Positive Features

  • This software application offers a regular set of features and is compatible with the main OSs (iPhone, Android, Symbian and Blackberry).
  • Live call interception.

Negative Features:

  • It is unable to block numbers.
  • There is no remote wipe feature.

Cell Phones Supported:

  • Android
  • iPhone
  • BlackBerry
  • Symbian
  • Windows Mobile

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Flexispy has got basic features of mobile tracking software but it definitely lacks some features other applications have. The application is easy to download, operate and it has got pretty friendly interface. One more distinction that should be taken into consideration is the price. It is rather high for the application, from our point of view. However, taking into account that Flexispy is offers such powerful feature as live call interception and recording – it might be worth it; some users definitely choose this product because of this capacity only.

Visit FlexiSpy: http://www.flexispy.com

44 FlexiSpy User Reviews

  1. User Rating:

    I have never used this software before; however, I have had many various feedbacks from some friends of mine. I have a friend whose parents used some kind of this app in order to make sure he was all right and to know about his friends and leisure. But it was some time ago and I am not sure it was the same thing. I decided to make a try with Flexispy when I decided that my friend was not completely honest. Well, I can say that it works and well. It takes time and skill to install but eventually you will be able to see the texts and calls and even the browsing history – very convenient, true. It is lucky that I decided to check, so it helped me to open my eyes. I do not plan to use the same thing again but it definitely does what it promises.

  2. User Rating:

    I think it is a good application and it works well, to my mind. It is user-friendly and has got so many features in one. It is one of the most popular ones around and not without reason – for me it is the best and I can recommend it to anyone in need of a tracking app.

  3. User Rating:

    I have to say that I was a bit suspicious about this app but I really needed to get the info and this seemed to be the only chance, so I gave it a try. It turned out flexispy was worth its price. I don’t plan to have a long-term subscription, thought, as it served its purpose with me. However, I’ll know where to go in case I need a spy app again.

  4. User Rating:

    Had to spend a lot of time trying to install it to the phone, not very convenient, really. However, it works ok and seems do be undetectable – my friend has no clue so far.

  5. User Rating:

    I want to know if you can monitor from your blackberry phone or must you do it from a pc?

  6. User Rating:

    As I understood, my iphone should be jailbroken?? Is this a must or there might be any other way to install the app? thanks

    1. User Rating:

      does it work with wechat? do i need the mobile to be monitored when starts in beginning?
      any trial before purchase?

      v lee
  7. User Rating:

    I read the reviews, and I want to know do I have to instal the ap into the target device as well as on my device? Does it take long to do it on the target device. I am not very clued up with this sort of tegnology so that’s why I am asking. Thank you I am waiting for your answer.

  8. User Rating:

    Hi All,

    Where I leave we have a serious problem with internet connection. Does your software keep all data and upload when the system comes back.

    Some country prohibited the use of record call and alive services, some country as USA has closed some companies.

    How are you dealing with this issue? Do I run a risk of after one month have your company closed?

    Do I need to root the target phone?

    Holding for your soon reply before purchase your product.

    Note: Please reply on both address.

    Best regards

  9. User Rating:

    The server from flexispy is not connecting anymore….they let the targetphones crash now…its a shame!!!!

  10. User Rating:

    Can I use this software in 2 phones ? And if I can how I download the software in second phone ?

  11. User Rating:

    I ended my account yesterday with Flexispy. I purchased it in December, 2014 just 5 months ago. After numerous problems with it I could not deal with it any longer. They have major server problems that affects a lot of the applications. There responses to tickets (technical issues) are very slow and half answered. When I wrote a ticket yesterday telling them I will no longer use them I did not even get a simple apology. Their problems started in January of this year and continues. It was never about the chunk of money I paid them, it was about buying a product that does not work most of the time. I purchased the Extreme package. I will never buy another product from them again. Be warned !!!

    Unhappy User
  12. User Rating:

    Incredible, remarkable and does more than I could ever imagine. All the features worked beautifully, Highly recommend. Was able to listen to all calls, see texts, emails and use cameras. I did have to have my Android Rooted by PerfectRoot.com, but they also installed the Flexispy software. Overall it was a 5 Star Experience.

    marc green
  13. User Rating:

    I bought the flexispy extreme. It delivered what was promised and was very pleased with its features. But read the instructions carefully because I was busted when I didn’t disable the spycall feature before making a regular call to the target device. I tried calling the target device, and my call went through even if the device user didnt press any answer button, and my call didnt register to the user’s call logs. It made the user very suspicious when it happened all the time with my calls. The target device was taken to a technician and was found out that it was rooted. Fortunately, they didnt detect the software. But user went ahead and discarded the phone. That was a very stressful situation.

    busted user
  14. User Rating:

    the features do not work as it claims and some of them don not work at all. It does not worth that money at all

  15. User Rating:

    The best among the rest. They have secure server. Secure customer details. Secure checkout process. All the security you deserve.

  16. User Rating:

    I am giving it one star because it can only transmit msgs of older version of social medias. Such as wechat and whatsapp. So I wasnt getting any records. I had to uninstall these 2 app, then re install a much older version. But then in a day, my son would upgrade these 2 apps again. Kids today know what is latest version with many new features they dont wanna miss.

  17. User Rating:

    I have flexispy premium. Have problems with sms and call logs always. Everytime I complain they give a different answer. I have it for 9 months already still no solution. IM will not be recorded if IM software is updated… Total waste of money

  18. User Rating:

    Is this app hidden on target phone? Does it log 2nd party apps messages like Facebook messenger? Can I change how frequently the GPS tracks to save on the target phones battery life?

    1. User Rating:

      Yes, it is hidden and it is supposed to grant access to Facebook and etc. The question about GPS in better to address to flexispy support, I guess.

  19. User Rating:

    It did not grant access to fb. Also if the person searches under Google private search you cant see their searches.

    gina varetti
  20. User Rating:

    It is a really good program but the support is terrible. You have to submit a ticket and it takes around 24 hours for them to answer. Then, they usually don’t answer the question so you have to submit another ticket and wait another day. It seems like it takes a 3-7 days to get most simple tickets resolved. I’ve had it for a year. And I can’t find better software but I miss so much that I need due to the terrible support.

    A worried mom
  21. User Rating:

    Everything works pretty well, except I can hardly hear conversations. Background sounds are so loud. I can’t seem to get a good answer on how to adjust that. I’m on computers every day, but sound is not my specialty. They talk in “Latin”. I suspect I have something, I just can’t hear it!!!!!!!

  22. User Rating:

    Lot of bugs in this app and a very week support in term of technical issues. All they do is to ask you to reinstall the app knowing that you need to have a physical access to the target phone to do so. A waist of money. My advise don’t buy

    Momo Dee
  23. User Rating:

    I bought extreme.
    This software was working very well untill they change the dashboard. Now call recording and many other things are not working and also not geting any result by generating tickets and the problems remains as it is
    I asked fir the older version of software which was working well but they refused
    I asked for refund for which i did not get answer after so many mails even

  24. User Rating:

    Hello!! I’m not good at installing this type of app into the target phone. Can I just type the link into the target phone or not? Plz let me know. Thank you very much!!

    Junior Celedon
  25. User Rating:

    This thing is amazing. With ambient recording and calls, I discovered i was being played for a fool and scammed. Who knows it possibly saved my live. I know it sounds like a hallmark movie but I discovered this person had manipulated me for over 9 years. I was amazed at how clearly you can hear, even through loud music in one case. I had mspy first which kinda sucked. The best thing I ever did is get flexispy, it saved me so much trouble. I was even amazed because I learned some important info even one day that they disconnected the target phone for nonpayment, i sent a ambient record and it still recorded cuz i think the person was at a place that had wifi. I knew for sure that the phone was disconnected because i saw the text from phone company. Unfortunately ambient recording drains a lot of data but the moment the target phone is near a wifi it works.

    G Pen
  26. User Rating:

    did not work for me even after the sales guys assured my phone was supported and did not need rooting. Installed it and it worked only for it to stop working and support now telling me i have to reinstall at a time i did not have the target phone. Be very careful before you shell out money on this .. there are cheaper options…

  27. User Rating:

    Ive used this for months with no problem. After 3 months I renewed my license for an additional 3 months and with 2 weeks it stopped working. I paid for the warranty as well as installation help on top of the license with my initial purchase. When it stopped working it took me 2 days to get someone to respond to me only to tell me that had issues with the portal and I would need to reinstall. I contacted the install team who were actually fast and got it installed within minutes. It worked for 2 days and shut down again. So here I am, trying to get someone to respond to help me get this up and going again. Oh I forgot to mention, I had to pay 60.00 for the warranty again, apparently its only as good as the first license you buy so be aware. Im not sure why it has stopped working, but I know its pure hell to get their support to help you once you purchased this. If I don’t hear back today I will take my money elsewhere. Ill just suffer the loss I guess. If you are thinking of buying, it does work, when it works…But support is horrible and takes forever to get someone to help you. If they even respond that is…

    Bryant Provence
  28. User Rating:

    Flexispy software purchase करने और डाउनलोड करने के बाद mujhe viktim का क्या चाहिए होगा जिससे कि मैं उसे trace कर सकूं

  29. User Rating:

    This product is useless. I didn’t even want to use the listening feature and made a call to the target phone just to talk to the user, and Flexispy went to go into listening mode and I didn’t even know it. Then it gave a message to the target phone and displayed on the screen of the target phone that a spy call was being performed. Again, a useless product.

    California Dreamer

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