ExactSpy is a handy and versatile tracking utility, with the help of which you can trace other mobile devices. It is used as an effective parental control tool, as you can use it to control your kids’ activities online and movements. The software boasts enviable functionality.

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Reporting and Logging:

Once you have installed it on your and your children’s phone or tablet, you can:

  • Track Yahoo Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype and other messengers and social networking applications.
  • Track search requests, logins and passwords, which the target user has typed in.
  • Track the device’s and, consequently, your child’s movements, using GPS navigation. You can just open the user control panel on your device and see the current location of the target object.
  • Monitor browser activity and save the history of websites. Thus you can see if your child is visiting unwanted resources and take steps.
  • Keep track of phone calls, see contact names and duration of calls, and keep records of them.
  • View and play multimedia downloaded on the target device.
  • Remote-control programs operated on the target device.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

The software features a GPS function, so you can GPS-track the target phone’s location using a control panel or map.

Blocking capability

ExactSpy has a feature, with the help of which you can block access to websites, which you do not want your child (or whoever) to visit.


The ExactSpy support team is available 24/7 via live chat. Users are free to ask any questions about the software’s functionality and express their likes and dislikes.

Price/Quality Correlation:

There are three packages available:

  • Standard ($15.99 a month),
  • Premium ($18.99 a month),
  • and Gold ($21.99 a month).

It will give you a bit of time to test the program’s basic functions. Every package has its own set of functions. Although this does not look like a cheap product, there are all reasons to believe that the benefits will outweigh the cost. If there is something about the program, which you do not like, you will be provided with a 5-day money back guarantee.

Positive Features

  • Apart from traditional features, ExactSpy has a number of innovative ones, which other similar utilities cannot boast.
  • The program integrates well with the interface, and the target user will not see any signs of being traced.
  • It is not a spyware tool though, as children agree to be traced like that and do not feel like they are being ‘shepherded’.

Negative Features:

  • Many find the price off-putting.
  • It cannot be installed on many devices.
  • No SIM change alert

Cell Phones Supported:

  • iPhone (has to be jail broken)
  • Android


ExactSpy is one of the easiest to use utilities in its category. At the same time, it boasts a handful of features and uses a stealth mode. There is nothing to remind the target user that he or she is being monitored.

Visit ExactSpy: http://exactspy.com/

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