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DDI Utilities is a cell phone data extractor app that is meant to help with the lost data from either broken or lost cell phone. It is a perfect choice for an emergency situation and it also possesses certain tracking features useful for anyone looking for a good monitoring app.

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DDI Utilities is a cell phone data extractor app that helps you keep your phone’s data safe and secure and grants access to present and lost backups. It’s impressively easy to handle and a good value for money.

DDI Utilities Backup Extractor with a set of pretty obvious tracking features.


  • Remote access to the phone.
  • Allows recovery of  all the data from a cell phone (texts, call logs, all media and social files). Exact copy of all of the text messages that were both sent and received can be extracted.
  • Allows reading all messengers’ texts – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc.
  • Allows having access to browser history, searched terms, emails and etc.
  • Extracts incoming and outgoing call information.
  • The app also allows recovering such crucial phone information as battery life, Wi-Fi and etc.


In cases of

  • cell phone/tablet loss or breakage;
  • data loss from operating system failure or update failure.

cell phone backup extractor helps to save the lost data from either broken or lost (or else) iPhone or Android, provides with a copy of the lost data.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

The app allows recovering the real-time location of the target cell phone – very handy for a lost or a stolen phone.


  • Help center is available for present and perspective users.
  • Support can also be reached via phone and e-mail and there is a physical NY address, if you want to visit personally.


  • $69,99 for any iPhone or Android device,
  • optional $29,99 for Extended Download Warranty,
  • optional $29,99 for Premium Support Package.

Positive Features:

  • No need in physical access to iPhone device.
  • One lifetime payment.
  • Allows recovering old data (lost or deleted for days and longer.)
  • Easy and fast to install.

Negative Features:

  • Doesn’t allow Viber messages recovery on iPhones.
  •  Android device should be rooted to get to Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype, as well as InstaGram and Snapchat messages.

Cell Phones Supported:

  • Android
  • iPhone


The product seems to be the same one as Auto Forward and it is also represented in terms of the most convenient data extractor and backup recovery app possible. No jailbreak (for Apple devices), the OTA (over-the-air) link download (for Android devices) is required to get access to backup files. So,  it is actually another backup extractor that also has evident tracking features. Yet again, the choice is yours, the app is ok as long as it serves its direct purpose.

Visit DDI Utilities: http://ddiutilities.com/

7 DDI Utilities User Reviews

  1. User Rating:

    DDI utilities is a deceptive Company. Their tech-support is bottom rate. I could not get any help from them supporting their app or troubleshooting my issues trying to launch this app on my home PC . In short it does not work nor have I ever got it to work , I tried to cancel my monthly subscription and they kept charging my card three months after the day I quit and would not return the money. Buyer beware if you give DDI utilities your credit card info!

    Michael Andrukaitis
  2. User Rating:

    asked for a refund said it would take 3-5 business days.. it’s been over a month and still no refund. nor have they replied back to my 2 emails stating I have not received my refund yet.

  3. User Rating:

    So far this service is useless and not as advertised. Cannot get anyone to answer their tech service line, left a voice mail and will be very surprised if I receive a call. They advertise 24/7 technical service and their offices are closed!! What a waste of money and I am going to try for a refund, but ready to kiss my money good by………

    Margie Webb
  4. User Rating:

    I canceled same day I signed up got email saying I would get full refund never got it called 5 times and first call woman was clearly outside with dog and kids second call woman said she would call back this place is fraud don’t give cc information and still don’t have refund told me there was no supervisor lol I reported to Better Business B

    Stephanie Greer
  5. User Rating:

    I’ve received email for twice saying that I would get my refund within 3-5 days. but 2 weeks passes and i do not see any refund transaction in my credit card.

    Please do not purchase anything from this company.

    who DDI have cheated
  6. User Rating:

    This software is a scam I’m calling the better business bureau they ripped me off I also asked for a refund and have never gotten my money back

    James stepp

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