Office Security and Mobile Apps

Technology is created for our benefit and we surely do use it to make a world better in its turn. The same refers to various mobile applications that employees bring to their working places. There appears to be a risk to the office security system as well as many other problems that are bound to arise.

One of the things that many organizations have started to practice – BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) systems or adding stealth monitoring software to make sure that everything is all right. However, not everything is very smooth about such practice.

Recent report created by Gartner that was carried in 2015 proved that the majority of such mobile tracking apps have no adequate security protocols that would make their use safe and secure especially for the use inside of an organization and especially a large enterprise.

BYOD policy does not guarantee security and if your organization complies with this policy, it is high time to improve security testing of all mobile apps. The thing is that organizations are sometimes are either ignorant or unaware of the threat that might come with the mobile apps; however, there are a lot of things that an organization is better to be protected from.

Recommendations for Avoiding Problems

  • It is essential that companies should update their SAST and DAST (static application security testing, dynamic application security testing). Why is it essential? The thing is that it is necessary that a company’s tests should be compliant with all mobile devices. Surely, the task is not really easy as apps multiply by day.
  • All employers should have access to the background monitoring process options in order to be able to prevent any unwelcome activities.
  • All the server and devices should be tested and protected, especially the ones that are connected with mobile devices on a regular basis.
  • Only the apps that have passed the security testing should be admitted and allowed for download.
  • Wrapping as well as SDKs for application containment usage are advised for companies for better data protection.

More than 90 percent of the businesses today rely on third-party apps for their BYOD policies. This is why, according to Gartner, the year 2017 will start seeing a shift of enterprise security towards mobile app security. Endpoint breaches will have more focus on smartphones and 75% security threats will be because of mobile apps.

At the present moment there are more than 90% of companies that rely on BYOD policies. However, the shift to mobile security is coming and fast. It makes sense to pay better and closer attention to mobile apps as they are likely to pose a stronger threat with time. They become better and with this more complicated as well as with regards to enterprise security. It is high time to pay closer attention to applications that will protect a company’s data.