Important Note from Retina-X Studios

Spyware is supposed to give people a greater degree of control over children and employees, but it sometimes becomes the source of danger itself. Everyday consumers were significantly affected by the simultaneous attack that involved a hacker group called the Decepticons taking on the FlexiSpy app and another anonymous hacker’s assault on the US company Retina-X, which owns the popular PhoneSheriff spyware app.

RetinaX did not notify the customers of the security breach, but, rather, instructed the personnel to inform them that it was a technical issue that did not allow them to log into to their accounts.

The hackers claimed that the reason behind the breach was the stalkerware’s very concept, which provided people with practically full access to other people’s devices, which is disturbing to many. In 2016 data servers were accessed, scanned and a terabyte of data is supposed to be deleted, so that the private information that was being saved there would not become public. However, another group of hackers has reported having access to the company servers as well. The threat to the consumers is apparent, with the access to the most personal data becoming vulnerable to public scrutiny, and indeed, in 2017 there was some data that actually went online.

As a result, RetinaX has shut down its TeenShield, PhoneSheriff, Mobile Spy and SniperSpy products.

You can see the notice now placed on the Retina-X Studios website. They are notifying their customers that because of numerous “sophisticated and repeated illegal hackings” they have had to “immediately and indefinitely” terminte the activity of the following products: PhoneSheriff, TeenShield, SniperSpy and Mobile Spy.

The official notice for you to read can be found on their website Retina-X Studios as well as on their products’ websites: PhoneSheriff, TeenShield, SniperSpy and Mobile Spy.