Encrypted Smartphone and Consumers’ Reaction

In the light of all the interesting information revealed about the NSA actually spying on their own citizens, the problem of mobile security got more attention. It has become known that the National Security Agency was involved in various surveillance activities that included cell phones’ tracking and the like. In this respect the appearance of the new device – an encrypted smartphone is probably not surprising to anyone.

Taking into consideration the fact that the idea and device are new and it is hard to predict the number of customers who can potentially be interested in buying such a smartphone.

The new encrypted device got the name of the Blackphone and is a creation of Silent Circle. The company specializes in encryption and cell phone security and as they claim, the created a product that can be relied on. In accordance with their words the best effort was made to make sure that a user’s privacy is secured and that no side control over the device is possible. In the light of the recent revelations is it quite clear that many smartphone users feel uneasy and less secure about their mobile devices and there are great expectations that the new Blackphone will gain popularity pretty soon.

The main goal of the Blackphone creation was to make a cell phone that could send and receive encrypted messages and calls without the risk of the latter being intercepted and interpreted. The smartphone is claimed to be easy to use and familiar with the customers in terms of interface and applications and general appearance.

The Blackphone is surely to draw the attention of those users who are involved in the spheres with high security levels necessity as well as businessmen and so on. It will be also of interest to general public as in the light of the NSA recent activity, many people are not really happy about the perspective of being tracked or overheard, and stripped of their privacy. As long as the devise has just recently been launched, it is hard to make any definite prediction about its mass market perspectives or the like. Besides, it is really not very clear whether the Blackphone is really as reliable as the promises sound.

One thing is for sure, the Blackphone is a new word in mobile world and it definitely has much better encryption for security among the existing mobile phone models; however, unless it becomes more available for general public and proves that it works the way it should, it is hardly likely that the model won’t stay the choice of only narrow circle of interested people.