Employees and Discipline

Photo by Pascal Swier on Unsplash

It is not an easy task to run a business, no matter large or small. You will always have to face people who come hunting for the job as well as make up with all sorts of employees and their habits. However, it is irritating worker habits that employers are mostly concerned about.

Habits – What Are They?

There are all sort of irritating habits and the ones concerning hygiene are not infrequent. A colleague who whistles while working or likes to clean their fingernails or the one who smells as if they took a bath two week ago last time and so on – all these things are not unfamiliar. However, there are irritating habits that make employers more enraged and they are the ones that cause procrastination at working place, habits that are contra-productive and time-consuming. Here are some of them and an effective recommendation for employers on the account how to deal with them.

With the omnipresence of social networks there is no surprise that workers spend a great deal of their time chatting there. Excessive face-booking and tweeting as well as wasting precious working time in other social networks are definitely not the things that employers can approve. Surely, there are companies that restrict internet access; however, it cannot be the case of every working place. And here is the choice for the employer either to be tough or to take different measures.

Restrooms are also very much loved by employees as well as smoking pits. It can make any employer nervous especially if this happens too often and for too long. Surely, no employer can restrict their workers in the number of visits to the WC and reducing water consumption by no means can be considered as human and a way out. However, there are solutions that can bring more discipline to a working place.

Surely, there are also workers that allow themselves even more freedom at their working places. Very often they can sneak out of office and go shopping at lunchtime and get very late at pretense of being on an errand or a business meeting. There is basically no way to check sometimes and again, it costs employers money when work is not done. It is even more frustrating when such delays have direct negative effect on business (say, a conference or an important meeting is postponed) and an employer suspects that traffic jam is just the pretense.

What to Do (or not)?

Such irritating habits are very common and that is why many employers choose to opt for mobile tracking software for their workers, especially in the cases when the latter misuse their corporate phones to add to the aforementioned habits. Spy software for businesses is really a very effective solution for companies as it allows monitoring the activities of employees as well as their location.

Spy apps are very helpful in bringing more discipline to the office and they also serve as guarantee and protection from fraud at working place. It is hardly likely that workers will be pleased with the idea of being monitored but they definitely feel the effect of it and behave in accordance.