CSEC and Its Spying on Canadians

It has been revealed recently that the surveillance agency of Canada spies on its citizens from time to time, as they say “incidentally”.

This revelation was made by the Communications Security Establishment of Canada (CSEC). They admitted that in the course of their work they may incidentally intercept the communications of Canadian citizens. They explain it by the fact that the while targeting foreign entities such things can happen as the world of today in overfilled with various networks.

The same it seems to be indicated in the report of Globe and Mail that was issued in 2011 and contained the approval of the former defence minister Peter MacKay to spy on the global telephone and internet network. It was nicely put in the terms of “secretly monitoring” and the approval spread to spying on the Canadian citizens as well.

As a matter of fact, the agency has neither right nor need to spy on the cell phones of Canadian citizens. However, the agency admits that the cases of surveillance of Canadian citizens can happen and if this to be the place the authorization from the Minister of National Defence is acquired for every specific situation. In case private communications get intercepted for some reason, each and every possible step is taken so that the information stayed private and didn’t appear in the hands of any third party.

There is a new section on the website of the Communications Security Establishment of Canada (CSEC) and it explains the activity of the agency and its relationships with other security agencies that operate both abroad and in Canada. As of the words of the agency there is nothing illegal in these actions and they are only aimed at protecting the citizens of Canada in the first place.

Surely, not everyone is likely to believe as not so long ago the Communications Security Establishment of Canada was involved in the issue when it actually was accused in the collaboration with the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. It is believed that they tried to purposefully withhold court information that referred to top-secret warrants for interception. So, it is quite hard to say, whether the intentions of the CSEC are really what they actually try to describe them.