Are Backup Extractors New Cell Phone Tracker Apps?

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While cell phone tracking applications are growing in numbers and popularity, the discussions around the ethical and moral issues of their usage don’t stop either. However, popularity can’t compensate for certain limitations of the software – all such apps require physical access to a target phone to be effective.

Surely, the existing options are pretty much sufficient for many users, but how much better would it be if physical access was optional? Mobile tracking at entirely new level, almost DIY hacking for beginners. Yet, are there any such options already present in the market?

We have recently reviewed two backup extractors on our website – Auto Forward and DDI utilities. We did it because we had several reasons.

  • These seemingly unrelated products have gained our attention due to the fact that both of them proposed:

1. for iPhone

2. for Android


  • Which is quite extraordinary, by the way, considering the fact that all backup extractors require connection to a phone, regardless of the original backup location (i.e. iCloud or iPhone device itself.) These applications state that they don’t. They actually claim that no physical access is required; however, it is quite hard to understand how they actually work.
  • Besides, both websites offer pretty much the same options as most cell phone spyware programs do – they grant access to all the backup data on the target phone, calls and text messages, media files and all. Well?..
  • It’s also curious that Auto Forward used to be Auto Forward Spy and now changed its course. DDI Utilities hasn’t been noticed in any monitoring activity before; however, its website resembles Auto Forward in a number of ways, and they do have the same information when it comes to the payment step. So, is there any chance they are related?..

While there are are dozens of mobile tracking applications available today: mSpy, HighsterMobile, FlexiSpy, TeenSafe and SpyEra, and so on, none of them can be used absolutely remotely – the app has to be installed on a target phone right at the beginning for it to actually work.

If the aforementioned applications can access a target phone remotely, it’s fascinating, for one thing, and a matter for concern, for another. As a backup extractor such an app won’t provide its user with real-time information, live calls and keylogging option, however, it gives a sufficient opportunity to access all the past information that can be accessed. And it’s something to think of, really.

Most backup extractors are very useful and convenient apps that can save someone’s life, in fact. However, it seems the same application can be used in many ways. If “Enter the Apple ID and password of the device you want to” is all you have to know – you might actually do more than backup or recover YOUR data.

Needless to say, none of these applications claim to be mobile tracking software; however, there’s definitely a certain potential.