Angry Birds and Cell Phone Spying

angry birds cell phone spyingMost recent rumors from top secret docs are that both the GCHQ and the NSA use the leaks from the smartphone apps such as Angry Birds to collect valuable personal information.

As of the information reveled in the documents the range of the information that can be obtained from the smartphones and iPhones is very varied. It is possible to learn the model of the phone, the size of its screen as well as the location and even the gender of the user. It is also suggested that more sensitive information can be obtained via some applications.

It is only natural that smartphone users are absolutely unaware of being tracked in such a peculiar way and that their private information is shared on the net and that in case spy agencies need to get access to it, they won’t have any problem whatsoever.

Applications collect a great amount of personal data and the agencies use this information in their own purposes. Having such options they do not even need to hack some individual phones as they can use cable taps and the data from mobile networks.

Any information that a user chose to indicate will be available to a spying agency – are and gender, marital status and  present location, even the amount of income and level of education, to name a few.

Spy agencies also use Google apps and some other mapping applications to get tracking info. Among the mutual goals of the NSA and GCHQ was stated the effort to build a database that will be able to help in tracking any cell in the world.

They also make a decent effort to intercept the information from Google Maps queries that people make from their smartphones.

Surely, the examples shown in the recently revealed top secret documents show a large bulk of information about the interception of app data. The aforementioned application Angry Birds is hugely popular and one can imagine the amount of info that can be acquired from it. Surely, not every platform can give that much information; however, such things as the unique ID of the handset can be obtained and this only can be sufficient.

Angry Birds are created by Rovio and their representatives claim that they have been unaware of the NSA or GCHQ tracking intentions and they also refused to admit any connection or involvement in the case.