TheTruthSpy is one of those applications that offers a great number of various features at very reasonable prices. There are Keylogger and remote control options as well as SIM card change notification options as well as other more common features.

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Reporting and Logging:

  • TheTruthSpy has got a great number of mobile tracking features to offer.
  • The set of features includes all the necessary basic ones.
  • The application works in a stealth mode and is undetectable.
  • Access to all the multimedia files as well as to notes and contact and etc.
  • Access to browser history and all social networks.
  • Remote control
  • There is also the feature of spy call (or auto-answer).
  • SIM card change alert and other notifications.
  • Recording and blocking the applications usage.
  • Keylogger feature.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

TheTruthSpy offers GPS location tracking feature for the benefit of the users – you can get the location details immediately.

Blocking capability:

The application offers several remote control options – they can be operated online from a user’s control panel or via remote SMS command.


Only contact form seems to be present on a website. After logging in there is an option of placing a ticket as well.

Price/Quality Correlation:

The price range for a month is the following (depending on a package): $16.99 – Standard, $19.99 – Premium, $22.99 – 12 Gold.

Positive Features

  • They offer a very clear and comprehensive overview of a control panel for the benefit of potential customers.
  • It provides a very broad set of mobile tracking features.
  • The application offer is pretty cheap if compared with other similar products.
  • Allows tracking BBM chat conversations.

Negative Features:

  • Contact and support page seems deficient and lacking information.

Cell Phones Supported:

  • Android
  • iPhone (should be jailbroken)

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TheTruthSpy has a number of features to offer; which is quite remarkable for the price they cost. In terms of price/quality correlation it is a good bargain and a really nice offer for worried parents and suspicious partners.

22 TheTruthSpy User Reviews

  1. User Rating:

    I did the trial it worked great, once I paid them it quit almost instantly, I tried contacting support, no response. My guess is this is now a fishing trip the bait is the app and the fish is your money.

    1. User Rating:

      I would laugh at this app. It shows its existence in app manager. The user simply needs to uninstall it.

      I don’t know why they call it spy!!! When someone knows he is under surveillance he will be careful for sure.

  2. User Rating:

    VERY BAD SUPPORT EVER.never het replay from solve your problem by your self.think again

  3. User Rating:

    i purchase it but its too bad just giving call record and connect list nothing else i purchase it for whatsap but not,,,

  4. User Rating:

    I purchased right away, it worked so well I feared if I did t it would some how stop. I have had the program for over three weeks I haven’t been able to get the ambient call to work (well once) but I don’t know how it happened I had tried to start an auto call (you hear what is going on around the target device) it didn’t seem to work I made a call to the target device and realized it hadn’t rang but I could hear what was being said?! This went on for about 20 minutes then person with target device called me and it ended. Some calls will be listed but there will not be recorded?,some stop half way through. I see SMS but do you see all? In the beginning it had all of contact list and call history back to a month before app was installed 🙂 then one day I got on my panel and all history was gone even contact list? It has only reloaded one contact so far. And today the GPS has not worked at all but for the
    price ($16.99) for Gold online coupon, I have already gotten my monies worth, I would recommend this if you want to know what your partner is up to while working out of town but be ready it’s unsettling to hear them talk about things you could have never imagined and the info you will find out about people you don’t even know!!?

    Laura lynn
    1. User Rating:

      Do you need the targeted phone to install it? Does it give any indication to that person that you are checking up on them on their phone? DId they say their phone was doing weird things or the battery was be drained too fast?

  5. User Rating:

    Worked a little at first, the call recorder never did. Then after 3 days it started losing features. Now nothing works. It help is a joke they don’t even try. Only good thing I used PayPal and should have my money back in a week.

  6. User Rating:

    Rubbish app.. GPS dont work. Call recording dont work. No support at all. Keep on sending emails and fill complaint form no one replies. Recieves only 20% of messages and call log. Anything what is deleted cant monitor. Dont waste your money on it

  7. User Rating:

    For the price $20 a month not to bad; however, only text, calls, and gps can be monitored. Everything else does not work well.

    1. User Rating:

      Do you need the targeted phone to install it? Does it give any indication to that person that you are checking up on them on their phone?

      1. User Rating:

        You do need the phone of a person who you plan to monitor to install the app. For all other information check with their website directly.

  8. User Rating:

    Worked well at first on Android. When the Ambient Recording Feature worked, it was great. Hit the button, the phone turns on and you can hear everything going on. Unfortunately, this stopped working after about a week. Even with a reload of the app, couldn’t get it to restore service.

    Customer service, like mentioned above is awful. No actual ticketing confirmation and general support seems to lack dramatically. Consider for a good short term solution. However, hasn’t turned out to be a long term solution. However, when it did work, it was well worth even the 6 month fee as what was found was invaluable. Text tracking, GPS seems to work flawlessly.

    The installation is relatively easy and is undetectable if done correctly. Make sure you remove web history, download histery and the icon after the load.

    1. User Rating:

      ambient voice recording is not recorded. Not already recorded 72 hours. Why? I paid for gold did not moa to use it. What’s happening. Internet connection but with the phone recording no! Either you fix it or deduct your money in days not worked and my record them back

  9. User Rating:

    No customer service no respond no phone number no support the app is sometimes works some times not so you never know when is working

  10. User Rating:

    this app working but c cleaner showing the DANGER APP Automaticlly uninstall the messege displyed onece uninstaed the app entair data was lose the uploadin the site

  11. User Rating:

    This app is also share your data for their benefits. So be careful to install in you girlfriend or spouse mobile phone.

  12. User Rating:

    Hi sir the truthspy login and one were but not a SMS history and call history not working plz help me

    shahid ali
  13. User Rating:

    Hello there, i wish to purchase but unfortunely i do not have the target pon yet. is there in anyway you can help. Or is there any version without holding the target pon

    ah chai

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