TheOneSpy is a mobile tracking application with a broad range of features. It can be distinguished among its rivals for the option of multiple device monitoring and a demo version offer. All in all it is a good reliable application.

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Reporting and Logging:

  • TheOneSpy represents a mobile tracking application with a very broad set of features (over 20).
  • It has got all the common and traditional features as well as some of the optional and not so widespread ones.
  • One license allows monitoring several cell phonesmultiple phones monitoring feature.
  • Provides access all the data on the cell phone.
  • Allows viewing all the media files and e-mails on a target phone.
  • Xtreme PackagePhone Bugging option that allows voice and sound listening and recording as well as taking pictures remotely with front webcam.
  • Allows listening and recording the surroundings feature.
  • There is a SIM card change notification option as well.
  • You will be able to check your target’s appointments, reminders as well as browser history and all social networks – which is quite fun.

GPS Location Tracking Feature:

TheOneSpy gives the opportunity to track your target’s cell phone location precisely.

Blocking capability:

The application does not offer any parental control features apart from remote monitoring and remote control SMS command.


They have got physical address, email and phone numbers for contact. There is also an option to send a ticket in case anything goes wrong with the application. They have also a very broad representation in social networks.

Price/Quality Correlation:

The price range is the following:

  • Android Lite starting from $18 for 1 month,
  • Blackberry Starter from $55 for 3 months,
  • NO current plans for iOS (!!!).

Subscriptions should be renewed at the end of every period.

Positive Features

  • It offers a multiple device installation.
  • They offer a demo version for the potential customers to try and make up their mind about the product.
  • It provides all the traditional mobile tracking features.

Negative Features:

  • Features could have been more numerous.
  • There is no other option for remote control apart from remote monitoring.
  • iPhone devices have to be jail broken in order to use this app.

Cell Phones Supported:

  • iPhone (iOS 9.x.x and above – not compatible)
  • Android (up to 7.1)
  • BlackBerry (5.0 -6.x)


TheOneSpy represents a very good budget mobile tracking solution for those customers who do not seek too much sophistication and do not need top-notch surveillance device. It works in a stealth mode and is installed easily, can be characterized as a good option for parents with kids, for instance

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10 TheOneSpy User Reviews

  1. User Rating:

    Perfect application to monitor any smartphone. I love the multiple device switch features, location and surround voice. Highly recommended to all the parents.

    Bahir Tayob
  2. User Rating:

    Useful and reliable spy software i have ever use. Let me indicate TheOneSpy, which is entirely a monitoring app with a lot of purposeful features. Thanks to top10spysoftware, having this genuine and dependable spy software.

  3. User Rating:

    This is real monitoring software I personally used it and get info with its broad features.

    Stella Logan
  4. User Rating:

    Actual monitoring features. Thanks. Humble request to polish present features and include more. I believe in reliability and TheOneSpy has it.

  5. User Rating:

    Real Helpful product for my child, now i can check exact location, as well perfect voice on recorded calls.

    Yash Ch.
  6. User Rating:

    I am dissapointed…. ALL IM logs are not working even if they promise to work… No whatsapp.. no Viber…no facebook.. facebook messenger…
    good points are surrounding record up to 30 min…
    call record is recording only the mic voice not the other persons voice too…
    i give it 1 star…

  7. User Rating:

    Can this app be hidden on the target phone? Can you access everything from another phone or by pc only ? Does it actually record the conversations of the calls and finally does it log Facebook messages as well as other 2nd party apps?


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